Accident Investigation Training

Accident Investigation


The one day course is designed for delegates who assist in accident investigation in the workplace. The course also contains  techniques which can be integrated into a companies procedures. The techniques learned will consequently contribute towards making accident investigation more organized and consistent.

Course Content

Accident Investigation in BoltonBy the end of the course the delegate will be able to understand:

  • Legal requirements for documenting and reporting accidents.
  • Why we need to investigate accidents.
  • Enhanced relationships with authorities and insurers.
  • The financial gain of preventing accidents.
  • An improvement in workplace morale, leading to greater work rate and expediency.
  • How incidents happen and the immediate, underlying and root causes of them.

The course will be assessed through a variety of exercises over five modules. Once the exercises have been completed you will be required to sit a final exam. If the client does not feel the need for a final exam; certificates will be as a result supplied on attendance.


Suitable Delegates

The course is relevant to employees at all levels rather than a certain bracket. Roles from senior management downwards can attend the course if they are involved in the investigation process.

Further Development

On completion of the course attendees will gain greater knowledge in accident investigation methods. As well as improving their interviewing  approach and also gaining the ability to offer advice based on relevant information.

3B Training can deliver this course in a range of venues nationwide. Venues including  Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds and more. To enquire about booking an accident investigation course you can also get in touch on our contact us page.

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