AED Training

AED Training (Automated External Defibrillator) 


AED Training teaches the delegate how to use an Automated External Defibrillator machine. An AED is an automatic diagnosis for a life threatening heart attack and is a common alternative to CPR. The AED uses the application of therapy through electrical pulses to help the casualty retain a regular heart rhythm.

The course is made for delegates who do not hold an official first aid qualification. This is due to other courses already covering the relevant information.

Course Content

The AED defibrillator training focuses to teach attendees how to safely use an AED machine and basic life support. AED Courses usually last for half a day; the delegates will gain a working knowledge of the following through classroom and hands on practice:

  • AED Training in LiverpoolHow CPR works.
  • Keeping the casualty and the rescuer safe.
  • How the AED works and when to deliver the first shock.
  • Basic procedures during the process.
  • Dealing with an unconscious casualty.
  • Recognising irregular breathing.
  • Recognising heart rhythms.
  • Recording information and reporting the accident.
  • Emergency services hand over.
  • How to pass your final assessment.

Further Development

For delegates who want to learn more about this and other first aid training we would recommend they attend the First Aid at Work training course. Delegates can pass any information learned onto adults and children. It is important for others to have this information even if they are not qualified by Highfield.

To book onto an AED Course please call 01204 554 888 or email

If you are not entirely sure what an AED machine is or would like to know more about CPR we have further information available. To find out how CPR is different to AED or where you can find an AED machine you can also read our blog on the subject here.


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