5 Common Construction Site Injuries

A construction site is one of the most dangerous places to work.

A construction site has more fatalities than any other private sector workplace, which heightens the need for health and safety training for all employees.

Take a look below at some common construction site injuries; hopefully, by being made aware of these you will be able to avoid them in the future.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can scale from bumps, bruises and lacerations all the way up to brain injuries. These injuries tend to be caused due to falling objects, which may include tools that have not been attached properly or building materials. This is why wearing a hard hat is imperative, but unfortunately, a hard hat can’t protect you from everything so making sure you are aware of your surroundings is important.

Working Conditions

Construction Site InjuriesWorking on a site can be hard work physically and mentally and therefore can take its toll on the body. Overexertion injuries are very common to employees in this industry. Repetitive motion injuries and overuse of the joints can be very common if you are doing a continuous and strenuous job all day.

Working for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions can also lead to injury. By working too long in the sun you are at risk of damaging your heart, kidney and brain as well as being at risk of skin cancer from contact with the sun.

When winter comes the cold climate can be very dangerous; if you are not properly dressed you are in danger of frostbite and hypothermia.

Loss of Hearing

PPE Ear PlugsWearing the correct PPE is highly important to avoid damaging your hearing. By not wearing earplugs you are exposing yourself to the loud noise of machinery, vehicles and equipment which could also cause you to temporarily or permanently lose your hearing. This is also where wearing a hard hat is heavily stressed; if you are struck by a falling object on the head or ear you could also be at risk of losing your hearing.

Scarring and Burns

Construction sites are a high-risk environment and the possibility of an accidental fire or explosion is high. Workers are at risk of being scared or burned from fires caused by carelessness on site. Inattention to hazardous chemicals, electricity, flammable materials and leaking pipes could all lead to fire; if the fire isn’t handled correctly you and your surrounding workers could be in danger.

Broken, Crushed and Fractured Bones

When you are in constant contact with heavy machinery at work you are going to be at risk of this type of injury. Unsecured equipment or poorly operated plant machinery could crush or crash into a worker, therefore, lead to serious injury.

Construction Site InjuryFalls are one of the most common construction injuries which are caused by people working at height. Workers are in danger of falling when working on roofs, cranes, ladders, and scaffolding and elevation platforms. It’s important that anyone working at height has attended a Working at Heights training course in order to minimise these risks.

How can 3B Training help?

The relevant training is vital to avoid these kinds of injuries. 3B training delivers several courses that will help you become more aware of the dangers and how to prevent them. The CITB Site Safety Plus courses cover all aspects of site safety including Fire Warden, COSHH, Working at Height, Safety Harnesses and Ladder Safety.

To find out more about the Site Safety Plus Suite of courses click on the courses below:

When is an incident reportable to RIDDOR?

Take a look at our guide on the injuries that must be reported to RIDDOR due to their level of seriousness here.

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