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About Our Courses - Other Training Courses

Take a look below at the range of other health and safety courses that don't fall under our main categories.

Basic Scaffolding Inspection
Accredited CISRS courses help the delegate not only gain an understanding of scaffolding construction in all its different forms, but also the procedures of inspecting scaffolds and working to current legislation.
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Advanced Scaffolding Inspection
This two day course is designed for those who are responsible for inspecting complex scaffolds to help gain a further understanding of health and safety regulations during the inspection process of a complex design.
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Confined Spaces
This course is tailored for any individual who enters narrow or limited spaces such as chambers, shafts, manholes and tunnels, providing a detailed understanding of the dangers and safety procedures.
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Deep Excavation
Digging shafts and trenches is a dangerous task on site, so this course is devised to allow delegates to gain knowledge on how to stay safe and what techniques to apply, all in line with current legislation.
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Face Fit Testing
Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) needs to fit the wearer’s face to be effective, so fit testing ensures that the equipment is suitable for the wearer and is serving its purpose sufficiently.
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Face Fit Trainer Workshop
This Face Fit workshop, provided by a Fit2Fit accredited instructor, will give attendees a complete understanding of how to conduct their own face fit training and explain about the variations of available masks.
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