What is a Responsible Person in Fire Safety?

A fire responsible person is an employee who is chosen to take charge of a certain arrangement in a business.

Fire responsible Person TrainingCompanies usually have a fire responsible person and an appointed person in first aid. They would be in charge of maintaining the first aid kit and calling an ambulance etc.

Fire Safety is imperative in all buildings. Whether it is an office, a school or a warehouse, you need someone who has the responsibility of managing the risks in a premise.

When a company’s first aid needs are not necessary, it is still a legal requirement to have a responsible person in fire safety. Normally the business owner or/and the owner of the premises is the responsible person. They may also go under the title of Health & Safety Manager or Fire Safety Manager.

What must a responsible person do?

  • Execute a fire risk assessment of the premises and check it regularly.
  • Communicate with staff or their line manager about the risks you’ve found.
  • Implement and maintain the relevant fire safety procedures.
  • Prepare for an emergency.
  • Supply fire safety information and training to staff.

How do I become a responsible person?

3B Training delivers a range of courses that will increase your competency in health and safety. The half-day Fire Warden/Marshal course will entitle and train someone to be an appointed person. The course will cover the legal requirements of the role as well as how to conduct a risk assessment. The course will go over all you need to know in the event of an emergency. You will learn how to manage an escape and how to follow safety signs and emergency lighting. If the unlikely occasion comes you will also have the relevant skills to fight a small fire.

If you have any interest in becoming an appointed first aider; take a look at our available First Aid Courses.

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