First Aid and Health and Safety Training in Education

Being First Aid trained is an important and life-saving qualification to have.

Take a look at how First aid can be taught and implemented in education to make schools a safer environment.

First Aid in Schools

First Aid in EducationEducation in First Aid is highly recommended in any industry. Although it is advised it isn’t a compulsory part of the curriculum in school. Research from the British Red Cross has shown that only 7% of the UK is confident to implement first aid in an emergency. Research has also shown that a huge 98% of parents are urging first aid to be part of the curriculum. This is backed by 91% of pupils and 83% of teachers.

A basic level of first aid can be taught to children as young as five. This could be as much as applying a simple plaster to a small cut or how to put on a bandage correctly.

Meeting legal requirements

Every workplace in the UK is obliged legally to make sure staff members are protected. So the best way to do this is to follow the correct health and safety measures. This includes schools; the school will ideally need several appointed first aiders. Therefore you will always need someone on site who is trained appropriately to deal with illness or injury. In order to comply with Health and Safety Standards set out by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), your employees will need to attend the following courses so that you are completely covered to deal with incidents.

Duty of care

Schools have a duty of care for their students, so they need to evaluate the needs of the students and train staff members appropriately. As well as first aid training you may also want to consider attending the following to improve safety in the workplace.

Be prepared

In order to appease your legal responsibility for the safety of your students and staff, you need to make sure you are prepared for everything. By attending the correct course you will be fully covered for first aid, fire safety and health and safety equipment and supplies.

Paediatric First Aid: The Benefits of Attending

Take a look at why having first aid skills in an environment with children is so important here.

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