First Aid For Parents: Common Childhood Accidents

Parents, would you know what to do if you needed to conduct first aid?

A recent poll has found that 7 out of 10 parents in the UK lack the first aid skills that would allow them to help their child in a medical emergency.


First Aid for BurnsThere are various ways burns can occur, from sunburn to touching hot surfaces. However, statistics show that 72% of parents would not know how to assist an unconscious child, administer CPR or deal with burns and scalds. If your child is suffering from a minor burn, having first aid skills would allow you to assist and take care of the situation. Although, if the burn is more serious, make sure to call an ambulance immediately.


First Aid for ParentsMany everyday objects can be hazardous to your child and lead to choking. From small bits of food to coins or batteries.  Yet, 55% of parents lack the skills necessary to save their child in the event of a life-threatening incident. Choking is an accident that needs to be assessed quickly and by completing a first aid training course, you could help save your child’s life.


First Aid for FallingWhen a young child is learning to walk, falling over is going to be a common occurrence. Of course, not all falls are serious, however, some can be. They can sometimes lead to not only sprains and fractures, but head injuries too. 62% of parents say knowing first aid skills would make them feel more prepared for parenthood; knowing first aid could prepare you to help your child in an accident such as falling.

Sadly, 21% of parents don’t view knowing first aid as being important. Likewise, 59% wouldn’t feel confident enough to try to save a life. With high statistics like this, your child could be at risk of not getting all the help they need from you in an emergency.

Why not book your first aid training course today? Find out everything you need to know here.

Furthermore, if you would like to learn more about applying first aid to children why not take part in our Highfield accredited Paediatric First Aid course?

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