Mental Health Statistics

Here are some eye-opening mental health statistics provided by the Mental Health Foundation.

Hopefully, these mental health statistics will help to raise awareness of the issues people have in their day to day lives.

Stress: mental health statistics

  • Mental Health StatisticsIn 2017 / 2018, 74% of people studied out of over 4,500 people said they have been so stressed that were unable to cope.
  • Studies say young adults appear to feel more stressed compared to older people.
  • 46% of people said stress resulted in them to increase there unhealthy eating. 29% increased their drinking and 16% started smoking.
  • 51% of adults said that being stressed lead them to be depressed. 61% said that they began feeling anxious due to stress.
  • Of the people who said that said, they have experienced significant stress; 16% had turned to self-harm and 32% said they had felt suicidal or at least had some suicidal thoughts.
  • Of those who reported that they felt stressed, 37% said that they felt lonely as a result of it.

What causes stress?

Here are some mental health statistics on the causes of stress. Hopefully, by knowing them it will help you to spot some early signs and combat them. The statistics used were measured between the reported stress levels between 2017/18.

  • Mental Health First Aid 22% of stressed people interviewed in the past year said that debt was a cause.
  • 36% said a long-term health problem of a close friend or relative was a cause of stress.
  • 49% of young adults between the ages of 18-24 have experienced stress as a result of comparing themselves to other people.
  • 12% said feeling the need to instantly respond to messages was a stressor.
  • Body image appears to be a common stressor for both genders with 36% of women and 23% of men found it causing high-stress levels.
  • The pressure to be successful appears to affect younger people compared to older people. (60% of 18-24) (41% of 25-34 ) (17% of  45-54) and (6% of 55+).
  • Another high stressor is housing worries. 32% of 18-24-year-olds saw it as a cause of stress. So did 22% of 45-54-year-olds and 7% of over 55-year-olds.

Sick Days for Mental Health: What To Do

Find out all you need to know about the rules surrounding taking leave from work due to mental health issues here. You can also find out what the purpose of a Mental Health First Aider is here.


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