Work Related Stress: Spotting the Signs

Work Related Stress Spotting the SignsWork-related stress affects us all, some more than others. A little bit of stress can be good for you, it motivates and gives you the kick that you need. Although too much stress can lead to poor mental health and also workplace absences.

In 2017/18 15.4 million days in the Uk were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Stress can make people struggle to cope in the workplace, therefore it’s good to spot the signs early.

What causes work-related stress?

Stress can come from a variety of factors including excessive workload, lack of support, changes at work or conflict in the workplace. Outside of work factors can also be brought into work such as money, relationship, bereavement problems.

What are the signs of work-related stress

It’s important to keep an eye on yourself on your fellow workers for signs of workplace stress. Take a look below at the things you should be looking out for:

Behavioural changes

  • Withdrawing themselves form the group
  • Becoming indecisive or inflexible
  • Looking tired due to poor sleep
  • Tearful or irritable

Emotional changes

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety

Bodily changes

  • Complaints about nausea, indigestion and headaches
  • Breathing quickly
  • Perspiring
  • Complaints about palpitations, aches and pains
  • Eating/exercising habits change

By catching the signs of potential mental ill health early will allow you to support someone affected.

How to prevent or reduce work-related stress

Removing the issue completely that’s causing you to stress cant always be feasible.  But speaking with your manager on how you can accommodate your work to improving that is a possible route to go down. Whether that means spreading out your workload with other colleagues or reducing your working hours. Sometimes just talking to friend or colleague about your issues can help you manage them.

If you don’t know exactly what is causing your stress, take a step back and consider the below factors of your life top hopefully eliminate or reduce the causes of stress.

  • Are you taking on too much work?
  • Can you improve the way you work to make it easier?
  • Food can affect your mood, are you eating healthily enough?
  • Alcohol, smoking and caffeine can amplify the feelings of stress when you think they are reducing it.
  • Do you exercise enough?
  • Are you looking after your wellbeing by taking regular breaks and annual leave?
  • Are you sleeping enough?

All of these could be feeding into your workplace stress.

Stress Management eLearningStress Management eLearning

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