How To Change Attitudes to Health & Safety?

Health & safety attitudes have come along way over the past 100 years.

But have attitudes changed after the introduction of stricter legislation and health and safety law?

Although the introduction of better health and safety has prevented multiple fatalities over the years; why do employees still use the words “Health and safety, gone mad”?

A lot of health and safety procedures such as working at heights PPE, constant job rotation or the need for more people to conduct manual handling can be very restrictive. People see this as frustrating which leads them to cut corners. If this doesn’t indicate that some people don’t take health and safety seriously I don’t what does.

How can attitudes to health and safety be improved?

Behavioural change is integral in creating a safer workplace. Here are a few ways you can challenge your employees’ view health and safety and change it for the better.

Set an example from the top

As an employer, if you show that you are actively trying to promote a safe workplace you will influence other people too. Make sure that you carry out the procedures you are responsible for properly and implement the relevant ones to your employees.

Invest time in individuals

Ask your employees what they need to help them feel safer in their role. Whether this is DSE, PPE or machinery, safety is priceless. Give people responsibility in looking after certain aspects of health and safety. This will help[ them buy into the cause.

Training courses and workshops

Regular staff training is vital in improving health and safety attitudes. It helps to highlight the safety issues that come with different activities that they may not know about. Once an employee understands why health and safety procedures want them to work in a certain way they are more likely to do it.

A lot of internal workshops allow open discussions between employees so any concerns can be addressed by a range of like-minded people. Anyone with a negative attitude to health and safety can also be challenged and hopefully have their opinion changed.

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Rewarding positive attitude and behaviour

A great way to get good practice to stick is to create an incentive to working work safer. Take a look at a specific team, individual or even the entire company and give them a pat on the back if they are embracing health and safety procedures.

Obviously, changing attitude to health and safety is not an overnight fix. But in the long term changing the health and safety culture in a workplace will help to reduce accidents, absences and help you sleep better knowing your workers are compliant, happier and safer.

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