Awareness of the Environment in the Workplace

It is common knowledge that it is everyone’s duty to be conscious of the environment on a daily basis.

Take a look below at a few measures you can take in the workplace to benefit the environment and be eco-friendlier.

Saving Energy

SEATSBy conserving energy in the workplace, you are not only being more environmentally aware you are also saving money – and who doesn’t want that? Try and adopt the below habits to help improve the energy consumption of your workplace.

  • Try not to waste water; avoid leaving taps running or install facilities that will stop automatically.
  • Use recycled paper towels and recycle them further if possible for hand-drying facilities. You may also want to, install an eco-friendly hand dryer?
  • Avoid using electric lights, instead, why not utilise the natural light that can get into the building?
  • Install automatic lights that switch off if no one is in the room.
  • Encourage everyone in the workplace to turn off their computers before they leave or set it to automatic hibernate or shutdown.
  • Avoid using the heating and air conditioning when it isn’t needed. Why not set them to turn on and off in lieu with the temperature of the thermostat?

Improving Production

Is there room for improvement in the manufacturing and production process for your company? Assess the work you do and work out if there is room to make the process eco-friendlier.

  • Environmental AwarenessWhen you are working, is there a way of minimising waste that you produce? Can you recycle or reuse the waste or can you change the current method to incorporate recyclable materials?
  • Look at the equipment and machinery you are using; is it up to date and well maintained so that it isn’t producing any harmful pollution?

3B Training offers the Risk Assessment training as a short course. This course will help you to identify the equipment in your workplace that needs maintenance or replacing.

Environment Awareness in Construction

EnvironmentWould you like to raise the environmental awareness of yourself or your team? The one-day CITB SEATS course will help to increase the environmental knowledge of your workforce. This will help to make site processes eco-friendlier and help your workers conduct their work to the correct standard.

The course doesn’t just look at pollution and management of waste; it also covers “how to be a good neighbour” and how to understand various sites that need special treatment. (This could include archaeology and heritage sites).

To find out more about the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) course or to book the course online click here.

Why Do I Need Environment Awareness Training?

Take look at some of the benefits of CITB SEATS training and why it is important to attend the course here.

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