Why Your Workforce Should Be Involved With Health and Safety

It is important to get everyone in a company involved in health and safety.

When both workers and employers are involved in health and safety they can work together to improve occupational health and safety.

Take a look below at why your workforce should buy into health and safety in the workplace.

It’s great to feel valued and involved

When an employee feels valued it tends to have a positive impact on their morale and performance. By getting involved with health and safety they are opening themselves up to upskilling and decision-making opportunities.

A safer workplace

Once your workers are open to buying into health and safety they will find themselves spotting and solving health and safety problems. By spotting potential risks and hazards and removing them the workplace accident rate will, therefore, lower and the general health and safety climate will be improved.

How to involve your workforce in health and safety

It is important that you encourage your workers to get involved as well as them wanting to get involved.

  • Make sure both you and the employee communicate well with each other. Talk to each other to help communicate health and safety processes or to report problems.
  • If someone has a concern, listen to them. Failure to take their concerns seriously could lead them to not want to report potentially dangerous concerns in the future.
  • If an issue arises make sure that it is addressed in good time. They want to see that their concerns are taken seriously.
  • If you plan to make a decision that involves their work or a concern that they have raised involve them in the final decision. In some circumstances, they will know their role better than you so they will be able to add productive input.

How To Make Your Employees More Health & Safety Aware

Take a look at some helpful tips on how to improve your workforces’ ability to recognise health and safety issues in the workplace here.

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