The importance of safe lifting for all workers

Safe Lifting and Manual Handling

Safe lifting or the usual term ‘manual handling’ is associated with workers in a warehouse rigorously stacking boxes and extending themselves beyond usual movement. However, it is not only industrial workers who must apply safe manual handling techniques. Employees in almost all workplaces, whether they be offices, building sites, schools, shops and banks will, therefore, need to move and handle items throughout the day.

Injuries relating to manual handling are common in the workplace. Furthermore, it is estimated that around 30% of work-related injuries are caused by manual handling. Also around 300,000 employees every year suffering from back pain caused by incorrect lifting. Whilst most lifting injuries occur in the back. They can also occur in the arms, legs and even heart. It is therefore imperative that employees complete manual handling training.

Training will equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out manual handling safely. They can do this without risk of injuring themselves and others. It also means companies don’t have the risk of litigation from injured employees. The training also covers any activities that include moving and pulling. As well as carrying, pushing or restraining an object, person or even animal.

Here are a few keys steps to remember:

1. Plan the route.

2. The correct position of feet.

3. Assess the load.

4. Correct grip.

5. Natural back.

6. Bend knees.

7. Head up.

8. Lift smoothly.

9. Replace safely.

Health and Safety legislation can be a minefield and that’s why receiving the necessary training is so valuable.  It’s more than just listening to a lecturer and sitting an exam. It needs to be fun to engage the audience to make sure they understand the critical messages.

More and more people are becoming responsible for health and safety management and so the correct level of qualification is vital.  Manual handling is a big part of this but it is also so much more.

If you wish to find out more or book a manual handling training visit our course page.

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