Manual Handling at Work

Manual Handling Operations Regulations ( MHOR ) 1992

Manual Handling includes the transporting or supporting a load. Furthermore, this includes the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving loads by hand or bodily force.

Why do I need training?

HSE reports that incorrect handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work. Consequently, it often leads to musculoskeletal disorders, which accounts for a third of all workplace injuries.

Every workplace or organisation has potentially harmful risks because you have to lift, pull or push an object.

Regulations require all employers to:.

  • Eliminate the need to lift or lower manually.

  • Assess the risk of injury from any hazardous handling that can’t be avoided and therefore follow the necessary procedure.
  • Reduce the risk of injury from hazardous manual handling where possible.
  • Determine if heavy loads can be moved mechanically.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and safe footwear.
  • Ensure the load does not block vision.

manual handling

What units are covered within the course?

The course covers:.

  • The anatomy of the spine.
  • Causes of back pain.
  • Returning to work after an injury.
  • Moving and handling assessments.
  • Principles of safer moving and handling.
  • Unsafe systems at work.
  • Equipment demonstrations.
  • Manual handling and risk assessment.

Training your staff is a great way to reduce health and safety risks within your organisation. Therefore we provide the course and other short courses in a range of venues. The course is available in Manchester, WiganLiverpool, Leeds, Durham, Sheffield and Watford.

To discuss 3B Training delivering a manual handling course for your company click here.

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