Top Tips For A Greener Office

How can we save energy costs in the office?

Top Tips For A Greener OfficeNot only is it environmentally responsible to be greener at work, its good for business. You don’t have to jump to ambitious changes like going completely emission-free, but there are small changes that can make a difference.

Go Greener And Turn Off The Lights

It sounds like a no brainer but people just don’t do it. If your fellow workers are struggling to remember, leave a sign next to the switch as a polite reminder.

Upgrade Your Lights

Why not install automatic lights? Only by human movement will the lights be activated. Bring in energy efficient bulbs such as LED and fluorescent lights. Also, check your actual light fixtures to ensure that they are energy efficient. Don’t forget signs such as exit signs and building exterior signs.

Greener Office Equipment

Check that your monitors, printers and other pieces of equipment have a timer on them which will make them shut down or hibernate when they aren’t being used.

Say Goodbye To Computer Servers

By moving all your server data to the cloud, you are removing the constant cooling and heating of your office’s data centre. By having a shared cloud-based server it eliminates the need for multiple servers across the company.

Cut Out The Constant Thermostat War!

Generally with office culture comes the constant battle with the “it’s too hot” people and “it’s too cold” people. lock your thermostats so that they can only be controlled by the person who pays the bills. Maybe give them the leeway of a few degrees to adjust with.  Also set up timers on your heating an aircon to go off when the office closes, in case you forget to turn them off.  In the summer months, why not replace your aircon with a few fans which cost much less?

Prepare For The Hot Sun

Generally, office blocks have a lot of large windows. The sun beating down on your windows gives your air conditioning unit a good workout. Why not install solar window film or quality blinds on your windows?

Renewable Energy Is The Future

Although we are a good few years away from a carbon-free world there are still energy saving options that are available that are much greener. Why not introduce solar panels, heat pumps or if possible wind energy to your company? Be a good role model and phase out traditional energy in the workplace.

Office Health and Safety Tips

Why not take a look at our blog on how to avoid common accidents in the office? Read more here.

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