Trick or Treating Safety Checklist

It’s always important to keep your children safe, especially at Halloween. 

Trick or Treating at Halloween is great fun for your children, however, there can be various safety hazards that could occur on the night.

Take a look below at our Trick or Treating Safety Checklist to make sure your Halloween is as safe as possible for your children.

Trick or Treating Safety

Halloween Makeup

Some Halloween makeup and face paints can affect the skin. So, to prevent this from happening on the day, try a little bit of the makeup on your children beforehand to see if it causes a reaction to the skin.

Halloween Costumes

When purchasing Halloween costumes make sure they fit your children correctly. Doing this will help them to avoid tripping over when they’re out trick or treating. It’s also important to choose non-flammable fabrics like 100-per cent synthetic nylon, acrylic and polyester.

Furthermore, if their costumes aren’t already bright, make sure you add something reflective so they are visible to cars.

Stick together

Young children should always be accompanied by an adult when trick or treating and older children should always stick with their group if they are going with their friends.

Road Safety

It’s important to stay on the footpath at all times and remain on well-lit streets.

You should also never enter someone’s home unless they are someone you know.

Check the treats

Before your children eat their treats, you should inspect what they’ve got and throw away any packages that look like they may have been opened. It’s important they only eat factory wrapped treats.

Finally, make sure your children have a spookily good time!

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Take a look at how to keep your furry friends happy and stress-free this Halloween here.

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