COVID-19 Secure eLearning Courses

COVID-19 Secure For Hospitality eLearning

The COVID-19 Secure For Hospitality eLearning course is to give confidence to hospitality personnel who are returning to work.

How long is the COVID-19 eLearning course?
Approx. 1 hour

Who should complete the COVID-19 eLearning course?
Hospitality employees who are returning to work.

Is the COVID-19 eLearning course accredited?
Highfield accredited

COVID-19 Secure For Hospitality

Course Content of the COVID-19 Secure For Hospitality eLearning

The Highfield online course is delivered through a range of exercises in bite-size chunks talking with quizzes and assessments. The learners will cover the below subjects:

  • Best practices when working with customers and being alert in your working environment.
  • Regularly cleaning touchpoints and safely handling goods.
  • Handling money when unavoidable and the encouraging contactless payment.
  • Keeping points of sale uncontaminated and avoiding unnecessary contact.
  • Maintaining social distancing whilst managing queries.

Further Development

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