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Fire Safety Courses

Fire Safety CoursesThe Fire Awareness course is a classroom-based course which is designed to ensure employees are aware of the dangers of fire and the risks around the workplace. This course does not have a practical element and you will therefore not become accredited or qualified as an appointed person.

How long is the Fire Awareness course?
3 Hours

Who should attend the Fire Awareness course?
The course is suitable for anyone in the workplace, the more people aware of fire safety the better.

Is the Fire Awareness course accredited?
3B Training accredited

When does my Fire Awareness certificate expire?
It is recommended that you retake the course after 2-3 years

Entry Requirements

There are no requirements for entry on this course.

Course Objectives

The course will help to make the delegates more fire-aware and highlight the level of risk, both at home and in their occupation.

Course Content

The course will go over the following subjects:

  • The fire triangle and common sources of combustion and ignition
  • The growth of fire – the development of a fire and how fast it can spread
  • Prevention and containment of a fire – escape routes and fire doors and how to find them
  • Fire extinguishers – an overview of the types of extinguishers and their appropriateness to different fires
  • What to do when you discover a fire – being aware of your corporate procedure when you find a fire

What is Required to Pass the Fire Awareness Course?

Delegates are not required to pass a test to complete this course.

Further Development

When you complete this course, you may wish to further your knowledge of fire safety. We offer a Fire Warden training course which will certify you as an appointed fire safety person.

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