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Vehicle Banksman training assures that an organisation works along side with the relevant legal requirements. It is designed to help reduce damaging accidents when carrying out vehicle manoeuvres. Almost a quarter of all vehicle based fatalities that occur due to a  reversing vehicle at work.

Course Content

The course is devised to raise the delegates understanding of the dangers caused from a reversing vehicle. The course will go over techniques and hand signals used to help drivers with manoeuvring reversing vehicles.

Course Requirements

vehicle banksmanAll attendees must be up to date with the latest edition of The Highway Code. Delegates must also wear appropriate clothing due to the practical element of the course.

If the course is to be held at your site please make sure that the course area is a good size. Please do not use a public road for the practical element of the course.

It is also advised that you use a vehicle similar to the one that you would use in your day to day role. If you only have a car available you will need to cover the back window to get a realistic view of your vehicle.

Suitable Delegates

The course is ideal any delegate who assists in the moving and loading/unloading of vehicles in their occupation.

Further Development

The delegate will gain further knowledge in the secure passing of reversing vehicles in confined spaces. They will be able to recognise areas of danger on site. They will learn all the suggested codes of signals. With these skills they will be able to guide both articulated and rigid large good vehicles.

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