Door Supervisor License: How Can I Get It?

The Door Supervisor Level 2 allows you to gain your SIA license.

By completing the Door Supervisor course you will be able to conduct security work legally in the private security industry.

What is a Door Supervisor?

Door SupervisorA Door Supervisor is someone who is working as security on a premise that is authorised by a local governing body. Typically venues such as clubs, pubs and bars.

Being a door supervisor means taking responsibility for the safety and security of customers in a premise. They have the responsibility of making appropriate decisions on who can enter the venue and who can’t.

Door supervisors must judge criteria, for example, someone’s age or behaviour when wanting to access the venue. Furthermore, they have the responsibility of managing order within the premises, handling crowds, dealing with emergencies and conflict and also co-operating with management and police.

Door supervisors have the power to prevent trouble and keep an establishment safe and secure.

Here are 3 tips to help everything fall into place and prepare you when becoming a door supervisor:

Control the line

  • help prevent frustrated customers in the line by communicating with them
  • act upon any pushing or shoving in the line
  • be aware of the levels of intoxication that people may be at – if someone appears too drunk, you have the chance to deny them entry
  • Remember – what’s happening in the line reflects what’s happening inside the establishment.

Own the door

  • be aware of what is happening at all times and make sure you are mindful of the policies of the premises


  • have respect for the people you are paid to respect
  • if people in the line ask for information, be helpful in your answer – ensure you’re positive when communicating with them

To get the SIA Door Supervisor License, you will need to complete the Level 2 Door Supervisor course. The course contains 4 different classroom-based modules and 3 multiple choice exams. As well as a physical intervention assessment. You can find out more about the course content and how to book here.

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