What Security Jobs Can A Door Supervisor Do?

Want to be a door supervisor but unsure what security jobs you can do?

People get the wrong idea that being a door supervisor means you can only work on the doors of pubs or clubs. Incorrect! Having the door supervisor license gives you the option to work in security jobs for a variety of industries.

Take a look below to find out what a Door Supervisor is and what industries the SIA License allows you to work in.

What is a Door Supervisor?

Security JobsA door supervisor takes responsibility for the safety of customers in premises. These premises tend to be authorised by a local governing body.

Being a door supervisor means you have the power to keep an area safe by preventing any trouble. You have the responsibility of deciding on who can and who can’t enter the venue by judging criteria.

What jobs can I do as a Door Supervisor?

Having the SIA Door Supervisor License allows you to work in industries such as:

  • Retail/Supermarkets – Most retail stores in the UK have security. This helps prevent criminal activity such as shoplifting.
  • Hospitality – Resturants and hotels sometimes have door supervisors. They will meet and greet guests as well as being security. This means having a good level of skill in customer service is important.
  • Pubs/Nightclubs – Working in this industry has requirements. This includes the ability to judge someone’s age or behaviour. You also need to be able to manage order, deal with emergencies and conflict and handle crowds.
  • Offices – Many businesses nowadays need a door supervisor to overlook who is entering the building. In this industry, it is more likely that you would be working standard 9-5, Monday – Friday hours.
  • Airports – Security is highly important in airports. This role would include carrying out patrols and resolving any enquiries passengers may have. You will also be involved with inspecting passengers, using metal detectors and X-ray devices. he role may also require you to assist in emergency situations.
  • Sports Events – Stewards are always at sports events. In this industry, their responsibilities would include keeping the safety of spectators, players/performers and staff. They will also make sure aisles are kept clear and monitor spectators for any inappropriate behaviour etc.

How can I get the Door Supervisor License?

Take a look at what you will need to complete to get the SIA Door Supervisor License here.

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