CIEH and CITB what is the difference?

3B provides the CITB one-day health and safety training course.

They are both introductions into health and safety but what is the difference between them? Take a look at the purpose of the CIEH Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace and the CITB Health and Safety Awareness to find out which one suits you the most.

CIEH Health and Safety in the Workplace

CIEH Health and SafetyCIEH is a registered charity and the face of occupational health. They are also the UK’s biggest awarding body for vocational courses in health and safety, food safety and environmental protection.

CIEH believe that employers have a responsibility to make sure that their workplace is safe and that the correct procedures are put in to place to ensure that. Therefore Employers must make sure that their employees are receiving the right training; so that they can help keep the workplace safe.

The CIEH Health and Safety in the Workplace course is in place to give delegates the knowledge and mental outlook to work safely. The course is aimed at a general audience; it is useful for the likes of new starters to a company as induction into health and safety.

The course is a great first stepping stone before attending any industry-specific courses; it gives you a general overview of what you need to know.

CITB Health and Safety Awareness

CITB LevyThe CITB is the UK’s leading training board in the construction industry. Their job is to help build a safe working environment by fully qualifying your workforce through training. Due to the significant skills gap within the construction industry, the CITB work hard to promote upskilling your staff. They do this by supplying companies with grants and funding to help improve skills and help you recruit the best staff for the job.

The CITB Health and Safety Awareness is a course solely aimed at the construction industry. It is also a course designed to give those new into construction a first look at health and safety on site. The courses main aim is to be used as a rite of passage for people to attend before applying for their CSCS Green Card. This card is used as proof that the delegate is competent with health and safety on site.

Both courses are available in our centres nationwide; including Wigan, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

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