CITB Grants for Training Deadline is Approaching

CITB GrantsThe CITB Grants for 2017 – 2018 deadline is on the 30th June 2018.

All training and qualifications CITB grants between 1st August 2017 – 31st March 2018 must be claimed before the deadline.

Take a look below at the different training grants that are available with their grant codes:

Apprenticeships grants

  • A02 – A06 Apprenticeship grant: England and Wales
  • A05HA and A06HA Higher, Graduate and Degree Level Apprenticeship Grant
  • SAP Specialist apprenticeship programme grant

(CPCS) Construction Plant Competence Scheme grants

The below grants are for training relating to obtaining an NVQ which leads to getting the Blue CPCS card upgrade and the CPCS Technical Test:

  •  A14B CPCS blue card upgrade grant
  • A42 CPCS technical test theory grant
  • A43 CPCS technical test practical grant

NVQ grants

The below grant is for those who have obtained an NVQ at the end of a training course:

  • A31 to A33 Vocational Qualification grant

Site Safety Plus grants

The below grant supports those who have attended Site Safety Plus Accredited Courses

  • A29 Site Safety Plus grant

Craft Trade and Specialist grants

The CITB grants are for qualification and training in specialist trades:

  • SUP Specialist upskilling programme grant
  • A08 Craft non-apprenticeship grant

After the 31st March 2018 CITB will no longer fund the Specialist upskilling programme grant.

Supplementary Payment

If you meet certain criteria you can get the extra payment grant:

  • Supplementary Payment

Professional, Management and Technical Training

These CITB grants support professional, technical and management qualifications and training as well as work experience that contributes to a degree:

  • A09 Technical and professional grant: attendance
  • A19 Construction work experience grant
  • A25 Technical and professional grant: achievement
  • A05HA & A06HA Higher, Graduate and Degree Level Apprenticeship Grant

Training Group grant

This grant is for training forums and groups who organise training for their members:

  • Training group grant

See all information on the above grants here.

Exam Changes For 2018 – CITB Site Safety Plus Courses

CITB exams made some considerable changes to their exams in January 2018. Take a look at the changes that have been made to each course and its exam here.

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