What Non-Construction Courses Are Available?

3B Training provides a range of non-construction related courses.

Take a look below at the non-construction related courses that 3B Training offer and what they entail.

The courses are aimed at a variety of different industries such as; manufacturing, industrial, retail, catering & education.

Fire Safety Courses

Fire Safety Courses Non-ConstructionFire Safety Courses are vital in helping to raise awareness of fire safety in a workplace. The Fire Awareness Training course is an ideal course to attend as an in-house course to the whole workplace. The course will help to increase the fire safety culture companywide and make your team aware of the dangers of fire around the workplace.

If you are looking to designate an appointed person in your workplace the Fire Warden / Marshal course is the ideal route to take. If you would like to apply someone with the skills to conduct a risk assessment of the workplace, they should attend the Fire Risk Assessment course.

First Aid Courses

First Aid CoursesFirst Aid Courses are available in a range of shapes and sizes; each offering first aid training for different working environments. The Emergency First Aid will make you a qualified first aider for a low-risk environment; whereas the 3-day, First Aid at Work is designed to prepare you for a medium/ high-risk environment.

If you work or live in an environment with children; the Paediatric First Aid is an ideal course for you. The course is designed to teach you, child-specific first aid techniques. If you are looking to raise you or your workplaces’ knowledge on how to deal with mental health issues; 3B also provide the Mental Health First Aid course.

Food Safety Courses

Food Safety CoursesFood Safety Level 1 & Food Safety Level 2 are available as classroom courses. The course can be made bespoke to certain industries depending on the requirements of the workplace. The course can be delivered to the manufacturing, retail and catering industries.

Health & Safety Courses

Non-Construction CoursesHealth & Safety Courses are suitable for a range of industries; each covering different aspects of occupational health. Several workplace hazard courses are available such as COSHH, Legionella, Sharps & Spill Response. All of the above courses cover limiting, removing and controlling hazards or contamination in the workplace. These courses are suitable for both a construction and non-construction environment.

If you are looking to ensure that yourself or your workers all have correct fitting RPE; face fit training is available. The Face Fit Testing Open Day allows delegates to drop in at any time between centre opening hours and get their mask correctly fitted to their face. The Face Fit Testing Workshop teaches the attendees how to fit their workers with correct fitting RPE.

Health & Safety CoursesOther Health & Safety Courses include; Accident Investigation, Lone Working & Risk Assessment. These courses cover worker safety on site whether it is preventing an accident or working out how to ensure an accident doesn’t happen again.

If you or your worker’s occupation involves regularly moving, lifting or handling objects it is strongly advised that Manual Handling training is attended. The course will improve manual handling techniques, teach you how to assess a load and identify any risks.

Traffic Management and Vehicle Banksman courses are designed to help reduce the risk of an accident in a workplace in which there is a lot of moving, loading and unloading vehicles.

IOSH & NEBOSH Accredited Courses

IOSH CoursesIOSH & NEBOSH are two internationally recognised health & safety qualifications and speak for themselves when it comes to quality. Each course aims at a different level of a company. IOSH Working Safely has a broad audience and is suitable for a range of different workers throughout several sectors. The IOSH Managing Safely is designed for managers who have the responsibility for the health & safety of others. IOSH Leading Safely looks at the health & safety responsibilities of a leader or Senior Manager.

3B Training provides the NEBOSH Certificate qualification nationwide. The NEBOSH General and NEBOSH Construction are ideal courses for those who are currently in or are looking for a career in health & safety.

Teacher Training Courses

If you are looking to get into a career in teaching the Level 3 AET course is the one for you. The course is designed to give those with no teaching experience the knowledge to progress in education and training.

eLearning Courses

Take a look at the non-construction related eLearning Courses that are available through our online platform here.

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