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This short course can be tailored to fit company or personal requirements, suitable for those who would benefit from a better understanding of their specific roles in relation to CDM regulations.
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IOSH Directing Safely
This is a one day course aimed to raise awareness of health and safety legislations, providing a moral, legal and business case for proactive health and safety managers and directors.
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IOSH Managing Safely
Covering all the necessary and relevant health and safety issues, this four day course includes eight modules, providing delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the health and safety of others.
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IOSH Working Safely
This IOSH scheme aims to not only inform the delegate on why health and safety is important, but to also show how they can make a difference to their own wellbeing through everyday behaviours.
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NEBOSH Construction Certificate
The NEBOSH National Diploma is the must have qualification for safety and health practitioners, and all units on this flexible and practical course build towards a comprehensive health and safety knowledge.
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Fire Safety Responsible Person
This is a one-day course designed to train a person to be the individual responsible in the event of a fire. It details the legal requirements of being a 'Fire Responsible Person' including safety policy & risk assessment.
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