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Online learning continues to grow in popularity and the majority of our courses are available to take online. Here we give you a rundown of what online learning is, how it works and why you should give it a try…

The training industry uses a number of different phrases to describe online learning, including; online training, virtual learning or remote learning. Put simply, online learning is a course which is delivered in a live online environment. Typically, these courses are delivered via video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. A trainer will deliver live throughout the course, so the content is delivered much the same as it would be in a classroom.

3B Training offer a variety of courses via Online Learning.

There are a number of benefits to utilising online learning, including that it’s a convenient and cost effective solution to a number of training needs. It removes the need for delegates to travel and can make delegates feel more relaxed than they would be in a traditional classroom environment.

On our online courses, we encourage delegates to interact with each other and participate in activities just like they would in a classroom. We use a number of tools to allow this including, discussions, quizzes, breakout rooms and presentations. Delegates are provided with digital copies of the course materials (where relevant) and even complete their assessments and exams online.

  • Live trainer
  • No need to travel
  • Delegates interact & complete activities
  • Exams are completed online
  • Digital copies of course materials are provided


  • How does Online Learning work?
    How does Online Learning work?

    At 3B Training, we use Zoom to deliver our online courses. To attend an online learning course, delegates need a computer or laptop with access to the internet, a webcam and a microphone.

    We email the link to access the course along with joining instructions when you make a booking. Delegates simply need to copy the link provided and paste it into their web browser to log in before the course starts. The Trainer, using the webcam facility, then asks the delegates to show proof of ID. Course materials, such as books are also provided depending on the course.

  • How are exams completed on online learning courses?

    Just because the course is online doesn’t mean you get out of taking the exam – sorry! Delegates complete the exams online for online training courses and the exams are still invigilated.

  • Are the courses still accredited as they would be in a classroom?

    The majority of awarding bodies allow their courses to be delivered online where there is no practical element or assessment needed. This means delegates receive the same certificate they would if they completed the course in a classroom.

  • Are the courses popular?

    Very! The feedback we get is fantastic.

    Here’s a few examples of feedback for our online training courses:

    “Easy to do and not as complicated as I would have thought, enjoyed the course, was well planned out.”

    “It was a first-class & enlightening course. The delivery was excellent and set at a good pace. I definitely made more notes and digested the information more than I would have in a classroom.”

    “Amazing support and training provided, highly recommended.”

    “Excellent way of doing the training, definitely the way forward, 3B and the trainer were very helpful in guiding me through, as it was the first time I’ve done online learning and would do it this way next time and use 3B.”

  • Who should do Online Learning?

    With no requirement to attend a classroom, anyone can participate in virtual training as long as they meet the course-specific prerequisites and have access to a laptop or desktop with internet, webcam and microphone. In addition, location and travel are no longer barriers to attending courses, and expenses such as travel, food and hotels are removed for employers.

  • What courses can I attend via Online Learning?

    We offer a wide range of courses via Online Learning, including CITB, IOSH and NEBOSH amongst others. For a full list of courses we offer please use the search function below.

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If you have any questions about online learning or how we can help you utilise it within your organisation, please contact us below.

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