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Fire Warden Training Course

Fire Warden training course (also known as a Fire Marshal course) gives you an understanding of dealing with fire hazards and lowering risk in the workplace in an emergency.

With the knowledge you gain, you can become a responsible person in your workplace and decrease the fire risk on-premises.

Why Take the Fire Warden Training Course?

This course is for employees who have the responsibility for fire conduct. The training is vital to assure the safety of your colleagues. In the course, you will learn how to conduct your fire warden duties within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Depending on the size of your business, you will need a certain number of fire marshals. You will require enough to cover the size of the building and enough backup if any fire wardens are absent. You don’t want to be in an emergency with no trained personnel on-site.

By having one or more fire wardens in your business, you contribute to reducing the fire hazards in the workplace. They will notice high-risk activity and prevent the risk. Fire can not only be hazardous, but it can also be very costly to a business afterwards.

What Does the Fire Warden Training Course Involve?

This Fire Warden course covers the following topics (for the full list of topics covered in this training, keep reading):

  • A Fire Warden / Marshal’s responsibilities
  • The built-in fire-related fire protection components of a premises
  • Relevant fire safety law

HOW IS THE Fire Warden Training Course DELIVERED?

This course can be delivered in the following ways:

3B Training can deliver courses for a group of your employees in-house at your site or venue of your choice.

If you are looking to train a group of your employees as fire wardens, we can arrange the course in-house for you.

We can deliver In-house courses at a 3B centre or a venue of your choice; we can tailor the content to be relevant to your organisation to encourage helpful discussion about internal fire safety.

If you would like to book an in-house course, fill in the enquiry form on this page, and our friendly team will assist you.

3B Training offer a variety of eLearning courses.

This course is also available to complete online via eLearning. The eLearning course is an ideal alternative for those who don’t have time to attend a set course date and prefer to complete the course independently.

This delivery format is also a good option for those who find learning difficult in the classroom.

For more information, visit our Fire Warden eLearning course page.

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£25 + VAT

BENEFITS OF THIS Fire Warden Training Course:

  • Become a fire warden in just three hours
  • Reduce the fire risk of your organisation
  • Know what to do in the event of a fire
  • Work safely and understand legal requirements
  • You can complete this course in the classroom
  • Practical elements included
  • Valid for three years
Fire Warden Training Course Content

This course is split into two parts; a classroom theory and a pratical. The practical element includes demonstrating the different types of extinguishers and the relevant safety signs around the building.

The trainer will cover the following subjects on the course:

  • A Fire Warden / Marshal’s responsibilities
  • The built-in fire-related fire protection components of a premises
  • Relevant fire safety law
  • How to act on the occasion of a fire alarm
  • Combustion and the relevant checks during an evacuation
  • The types of fire
  • Prevention of fire spreading
  • Arson
  • Safety Signs

By the end of the training course, you will:

  • Understand how to prevent and manage fire in the workplace
  • Have a better awareness of fire safety and prevention
  • Gain knowledge selecting and using fire extinguishers
  • Understanding evacuation procedures
  • Know the role of an appointed person and how to contact the fire services

To pass the course, you must complete a multiple-choice examination and show your understanding to the tutor.

Really enjoyed my time in course and found it very helpful. Thank you again.
Shane Bryant


  • How long is the Fire Warden course?
    How long is the Fire Warden course?

    We deliver the course over approximately three hours.


  • What are the entry requirements for the Fire Warden Training?

    There are no formal requirements for this course.

    We also ask that you have a good level of speaking and understanding English.

  • Is this Fire Warden course accredited?

    Yes, this course is accredited by 3B Training.

    At 3B Training, we pride ourselves on delivering good value training courses. Our team continually update and develop our courses so that you can get the best out of your time with us.


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