Safe Use Of Ladder & Step Ladder

3 in 1 Courses – Ladders Safety Training


The course aims to ensure the delegates attending are competent in using a ladder or a stepladder. The course makes sure delegates know when it is an appropriate situation to use them. Anyone who works above two metres is deemed to be working at heights. Therefore if you use a ladder in your occupation this course would be very beneficial for the safety of you and others. The delegate will also be provided with the relevant knowledge which will allow conformity with the appropriate legal requirements related to using ladders.

Course Content

The course is delivered as a three hour session in a classroom which is segmented into various topics:

  • An introduction into ladder use of ladders and step ladders
  • Health & Safety at Work Act.
  • Handrails and toe boards.
  • Legislation and regulations.
  • Use of stabilisers and outriggers.
  • Risk assessments and hazards.
  • Product standards and available products.
  • Storing, maintaining and handling ladders.
  • Theory and practical assessments.

The tutor delivers the course through a range of mediums. You will take part  in classroom tutorials and practical activities.

Suitable Delegates

The course is suitable for people in a range of industries who have to work at height and need to be trained in how to assess the risks surrounding using a ladder or step ladder.

Further Development

When the delegate has finished their training they will be able to show an understanding of the relevant legislation. They will know how to implement the hierarchy and the inspection of the equipment and workplace.

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Available Venues

Safe Use of Ladder & Step Ladder training is available in Liverpool & Manchester as an open course.

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