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The Temporary Works Coordinator is a two day course is for those on site with responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works. It is designed so that senior management and those who engage with contractors, that candidates have confidence they are working to an assessed standard of knowledge.

Course Content

The course will help the attendees understand the need for a temporary works co-ordinator. They will also learn the day to day roles of other workers around the role. They also gain knowledge of risk assessments, method statements and best codes of practice. The knowledge picked up will be used on temporary structures or building sites and how to manage the process.

The course covers the following topics:.

  • Various types of Temporary Works.Temporary Works Coordinator in Bolton
  • Case studies,procedures and policies of Temporary Works.
  • BS5975:2008 A1:2011.
  • Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations.
  • Codes of Practice and regulations.
  • Design and Register for Temporary Works.
  • Standard solutions and design checks.
  • Temporary works Coordinator – job role and responsibilities.

To successfully complete Temporary Works Coordinator course will need to get 72% or above in the final exam. Due to this delegates are prompted to be interactive and involved throughout the training.

Suitable Delegates

Managers, Agents and Supervisors attend the course. Delegates must have a understanding of spoken and written English. We also suggest that the attendee has a decent background knowledge of temporary works.

It is recommended that the person attending has access to the BS 5975 code of practice for temporary works, however relevant information will be provided on the day. The tutor advises that candidates have experience in being responsible for managing all forms of temporary works.

Further Development

The delegate will leave the course with understanding of the “4C’s”. Communication, co-operation, coordination and competency. And furthermore understand the need for and duties of a TWC and the roles of others.

The CITB certificate is valid for 5 years. In addition the certificate can only be renewed by doing the course again.

To find out more about temporary works you can also take a look at our informative blog here.

Venues Available

The Temporary Works Coordinator course is available in Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Hull and also in Watford.

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