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Kier, a respected player in the construction industry, recognised that their employees would be impacted due to the withdrawal of Industry Accreditation (also known as Grandfather Rights), so they reached out to 3B Training for support. This case study highlights how Kier and 3B worked together and used various strategies to successfully navigate this challenge.

3B Training supports Kier as their employees face challenges from the withdrawal of Industry Accreditation


CSCS cards issued under Industry Accreditation expire on 31st December 2024. Any workers who currently hold a CSCS card issued under Industry Accreditation (Grandfather Rights), who still need a CSCS card, will need to take action and apply for a new card under a different route before the end of 2024. 3B Training teamed up with Kier in July 2023 to handle the planning and initial admin of their CSCS project.

Survey Data Analysis

The project started with Kier surveying their employees who held CSCS cards awarded through industry accreditation. This survey paired employees with an appropriate NVQ and CSCS card based on their role and experience. To confirm learners’ suitability for the NVQs they had been paired with, 3B Training’s NVQ team distributed candidate information forms and reviewed this data along with the Kier survey. Out of 837 responses, it was identified that 253 employees needed an NVQ. 3B responded to queries from the Kier employees who were unsure whether they needed an NVQ and suggested other alternative routes where appropriate. Meanwhile, enrolling the other employees who required an NVQ onto a suitable one.

Cohort Organisation and Preparation

Due to the large number of employees requiring NVQs, efficient group organisation was key to the projects success. 3B Training organised employees into cohorts with set start dates to kick off their NVQ. This involved identifying any learners who wanted to be in the cohort with the earliest start date, as well as those with work commitments who would benefit from being in a cohort with a later start date. To guarantee learners could start on time as planned, 3B ensured all cohorts were pre-assessed before the kick off date. Pre-assessments included delivering pre-start briefing webinars to ensure learners met the necessary prerequisites and were prepared for the NVQ. Additionally, learners were introduced to the NVQ ePortfolio portfolio, giving them a thorough overview of how to navigate and utilise the platform effectively, making sure the transition into their NVQs was smooth.

Learner Monitoring and Support

3B Training Assessors provided dedicated support to the learners throughout their NVQ journey to ensure the successful completion of Kier’s NVQ requirements. For example, site visits and professional discussions over Teams to progress them through their NVQ. As well as additional assistance with 3B’s NVQ ePortfolio platform and out-of-hours assistance when required. The Kier Learn team and their local learning and development teams were also supported throughout the process. 3B’s NVQ team provided regular updates for distribution to the Heads of Business within Kier, such as providing up-to-date trackers and identifying opportunities to support learners who may benefit from additional resources and guidance.

“The regular progress updates and the dedicated support system put in place by 3B has been invaluable.” – Ian Dickerson, Head of Learning Funding at Kier

It’s common for CSCS card holders impacted by IA changes to be nervous about completing an NVQ. Most who are affected have been in the role for many years and aren’t keen to complete a qualification. 3B worked with Kier to reassure learners about the NVQ process and to correct any common misconceptions.

“I was really pleasantly surprised by how simple and straightforward it’s [NVQ] been. The communications from the 3B team were excellent straight away. The admin was very slick and I do like the Bud portal [ePortfolio platform].” – Robert Preston, Senior Project Manager at Kier 

To show how 3B Training’s NVQ approach has really helped Kier employees hit by the industry accreditation changes, we’ve included an interview series with Robert Preston. In these clips, Robert shares his own experience, talks about the support he received from 3B Training, and the outcomes from completing his NVQ.

Starting an NVQ 

Progressing Through the NVQ 

Reflecting on the NVQ Journey 

Progress Tracking and Reporting

3B Training developed a tracking system to monitor learner progress. The tracker was accessible centrally on the Kier Learn team’s website. This enabled Kier to track learner advancement, allowing for timely interventions and adjustments when needed.


Collaborative efforts between 3B Training and Kier produced significant results. From October to December 2023, 241 learners enrolled onto an NVQ. As of June 2024, 78% had completed, with the remaining 22% due to complete in the coming months.

This partnership shows how Kier and 3B Training used their combined expertise, efficient processes and collaboration to tackle a prominent industry challenge.  The project successfully addressed the NVQ requirements of those affected at Kier.


“Working with 3B Training on our NVQ project has been transformative for Kier. The seamless coordination, from initial planning in July 2023 to the delivery phase starting in October, demonstrated 3B’s commitment to our team’s development. Their proactive approach in organising cohorts, providing thorough pre-start briefings, and offering continuous learner support has ensured that our employees are well-prepared and confident in their NVQ journeys. This collaboration has not only helped us navigate the transition away from Industry Accreditation but also reinforced our commitment to maintaining a highly skilled workforce.” Ian Dickerson, Head of Learning Funding at Kier

“When I found out I was doing an NVQ Level 7, I jumped at it. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a way of demonstrating what we do and what we know, and it’s a springboard to other things. It’s a really smart move, it gives you more back than you really need to input. I wouldn’t want anyone at Kier at my age to give up the opportunity of keeping their CSCS card, which a lot of people will give up, because they’ll think it’s [NVQ] too difficult if they think they need to do a year’s piece of work, and it isn’t that. It’s just a question of gathering some evidence that you’ve got lying about on your computer. It’s not hard to do at all.”Robert Preston, Senior Project Manager at Kier