Personal Development eLearning Courses

Personal Development eLearning courses all provide you with transferable skills that can help to improve your performance in the workplace.
Customer Service Level 2 eLearning Course

Customer Service Level 2 is an online training course that will educate the learner in customer service.

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Self-Awareness and Personal Development eLearning Course

The Self-Awareness & Personal Development eLearning course is designed to educate the learner to understand themselves better to then create an action plan on how they can improve.

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Stress Management Training: eLearning Course

The Stress Management eLearning course will help the learner understand work-related stress and its causes. By understanding these causes the learner will know how to manage them.

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Communication eLearning Course

The Communication eLearning course is designed to help you to understand the importance of communication in the workplace so that you can improve it.

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Managing Conflict in the Workplace eLearning Course

The Managing Conflict eLearning course is designed to give you the skills to manage conflict situations in the workplace.

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Teamwork Training: eLearning Course

Team Working eLearning is an online training course that will educate the learner on how to work effectively as a team and its importance.

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