What do I Need in my First Aid Kit?

You need to make sure you have an accessible and full first aid kit.

Many organisations overlook the importance of employees needing to find a first aid kit in the event of an emergency. Take a look below at the contents needed to fill a basic first aid kit and why they are important.

The HSE Guidelines

As per Health and Safety Executive Guidelines; an employer must supply appropriate and adequate first aid facilities and equipment. They also need the appropriate amount of appointed people present on site to act in the case of an emergency. The level of risk in your working environment will help you decide what is deemed as “adequate and appropriate”.

What is the minimum requirement for my first aid kit?

First Aid Kit It is a legal requirement to have a first aid kit in a clearly marked green box with a white cross on it. Your staff need to know where it is and it needs to be to be checked and maintained regularly. All items must be in stock and within the expiry date.

There is no specified list to follow but here is a guide to the minimum provision for your kit:

  • A general advice leaflet on first aid
  • 2+ Sterilised eye pads
  • 4+ Assorted sized wrapped plasters (stock both sterilised and hypoallergenic plasters)
  • 6+ Safety pins
  • 4+ Individual triangular bandages (also include sterilised bandages )
  • +2 Pairs of disposable non-latex gloves
  • +2 large unmediated, sterilised wound dressings
  • +6 medium undedicated, sterilised wound dressings

To make sure you are prepared for any emergency or work in a medium risk environment you may want to stock the following items:

  • first-aid-kit-contentsScissors to cut the bandages and dressings
  • One way valve breathing barrier; used to protect the patient’s mouth during CPR
  • Tweezers for splinters etc
  • Space blanket to maintain the heat of the patient
  • Oral Thermometer
  • Instant cold press (ice pack)
  • +5 Antiseptic wipes

3B Training provides First Aid Training nationwide. To find out more about the courses we offer click here.

The Benefits of First Aid Training In Sport

Take a look at the importance of knowing first aid techniques in a sporting environment here.

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