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Face Fit Training FAQs

What is Face Fit?

3B Training conduct Face fit training to ensure that RPE (respiratory protection equipment) provides adequate protection for the individual wearer’s face. A major cause of leaks a poor a fitting mask- the mask must be tight to the face. As people have varied shaped faces it is unlikely that one mask fits all.

Wearers must be cleanly shaven to get a good fit with a respirator.

What is RPE?

The user wears RPE or respiratory protective equipment to protect themselves from intaking contaminated air when working.

Is it a legal requirement to have a Face Fit Test?

It is a legal requirement that anyone who requires a tight-fitting mask for work is face fit tested. This is to ensure that the wearer achieves a complete seal between their face and the mask.

Can you wear a face mask with a beard?

For your mask to have a complete seal you cannot have a beard, moustache or any kind of facial hair when wearing a face mask. Your facial hair will create a gap between your face and the mask allowing contaminated air to get in.

What does the Face Fit course entail?

Face Fit TestingThe Face Fit Test contains two main elements. First of all, the delegates must take the “Taste” test; this is conducted to make sure the delegate can taste the solution so the test can be taken properly. The trainer uses two different types of taste solutions. The trainer uses a bitter or sweet solution depending on how the person being tested responds.

Secondly, the delegate will take the Fit Test; this involves a series of exercises which are performed to make sure the mask does not move. The tests include the delegate moving their body and face in different ways to ensure the mask stays put. The exercises must be repeatedly taken until the delegate cannot taste the solution at all.

When the delegate is tested on a mask the certificate they receive relates specifically to the mask type that works for them. If they decide after the course to use a different mask type the certificate will not be relevant to the mask type they have been tested with.

A Face Fit Test certificate with 3B Training will be tailored to the mask in which the delegates has been tested on. Fit2Fit highly advise the delegate takes a test every 2 years.

Face Fit Testing Workshop

3B Training also provides a Face Fit Testing Workshop; during the workshop, a Fit2fit accredited instructor will give the attendees an understanding of how to conduct face fit training. The attendees will gain knowledge on the variations of masks available. They will then be able to take the knowledge gained and transfer it onto their company.

The delegates must renew their  3B Training Workshop certificate after 3 years to be able to conduct Face Fit Tests after the expiry.

The Importance of Achieving a Seal

With the dangers of occupational lung disease being a big topic when it comes to health and safety, 3B Training demonstrated why is it’s important to achieve a complete seal on your respirator mask.

Take a look at our video series here.

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