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Why Is Face Fit Testing Important?

Why is face fit testing so importantFace fit testing is important to ensure that your face mask serves its purpose.

If you don’t have your mask tested on you, it will not be able to achieve a seal.

Safeguard Your Health with a Face Fit Test

By attending a face fit test course, you are protecting yourself from hazardous materials, whether that be from construction dust or infection.

Wearing correct fitting RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) is vital to combating work-related illness or death. Although you can’t be sure that you are safe from this unless a competent tester tests your mask.

Face Fit Testing is a Legal Requirement

It is a legal requirement to attend a test if you wear a mask for work.

You should complete testing as part of selecting your mask and you shouldn’t wear it unless you know you’ve fitted it correctly.

Testing isn’t Just For New Masks

You should complete these tests regularly and every time you change your mask. Your face may have also changed since the last time you tested it; you may have lost or gained weight.

This is why having an individual in your business who can conduct a face fit test is beneficial. This skill can be obtained by completing our Face Fit Train the Tester course.

The Facts Don’t Lie

Every year around 12,000 people die from lung-disease that is estimated to be linked to past exposures at work. HSE also states that 18,000 other new lung-related cases are reported every year.

By completing these tests, you are protecting yourself from being part of these statistics.

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