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A Guide to Completing a Management NVQ in the Construction Industry

If you’re looking to advance your career in the construction industry, obtaining a construction management NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) may be the perfect next step for you.

These qualifications are designed to assess your skills and knowledge in the field of construction management and can help you stand out in a competitive job market.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of construction management NVQs and how they can help you advance your career.

Manager after completing a management NVQ.

What is a Management NVQ?

NVQs have become a popular pathway to demonstrate competence in a specific occupation.

A construction management NVQ is a nationally recognised qualification that assesses your skills and knowledge in the field of construction management. Construction NVQs target individuals who manage construction projects and teams.

It is a practical, work-based qualification that you can complete whilst you are working in the industry. This means that you can continue to gain valuable experience while also working towards your NVQ qualification.

NVQs are often part of a training and development program for individuals working in the construction industry, allowing workers to gain formal recognition for their skills and experience. It can also be valuable for career advancement and meeting industry standards.

Advantages of a Construction Management NVQ

There are a variety of benefits to taking a construction NVQ, so let’s discuss them:

Formal recognition of skills – One of the main advantages of obtaining a construction management NVQ is that it can help you stand out in a competitive job market. Employers are often looking for candidates who have a combination of practical experience and formal qualifications, and a construction management NVQ can demonstrate both.

Career advancement – Another advantage is that these qualifications are recognised nationally, meaning that they can open up job opportunities. This can be especially beneficial for those looking to relocate or expand their career options.

Industry standards compliance – NVQs focus on industry standards, ensuring that individuals who hold these qualifications meet the expected competency levels in construction management.

Professional development – NVQs assess skills and knowledge. This can be a valuable process as it encourages individuals to reflect on their practices and identify areas for improvement.

Flexible learning – NVQs are designed to accommodate individuals already working in the industry. The flexible nature of the assessment process allows candidates to gather evidence of their competence while on the job. Meaning they don’t have to miss out on pay or take time off work.

Industry reputation – Holding a Construction Management NVQ can enhance your credibility within the construction industry, as it signifies a commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to industry standards.

Leadership and management skills – Construction Management NVQs typically cover a range of skills, including leadership and management. This can contribute to the development of effective managerial abilities.


Types of NVQs in Construction Supervisory and Management

There are a variety of NVQs available, depending on your level of experience and the specific area you are interested in.

3B offers a range of Construction Supervisory Management NVQs:

Level 3 NVQ in Occupational Work Supervision

NVQ Level 4  in Construction Site Supervision

Level 6 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations Management

NVQ Level 6  in Construction Site Management

Level 7 NVQ in Construction Senior Management

These NVQs are accredited by ProQual or GQA


How to Obtain a Construction Management NVQ

In order to obtain a construction management NVQ, you will need to be working in the construction industry.

Here’s the process when you choose 3B Training for your NVQ…

  • Pre-assessment – your assessor will call you to chat through your current role, discuss your suitability and the work required to complete the NVQ.
  • Enrolment and access to 3B’s ePortfolio Platform – 3B will register you with the awarding body. If you need to apply for a temporary CSCS card, 3B will supply the registration document. You will also be invited to register on Bud and will receive a welcome email from 3B which includes a Bud Help Guide.
  • Induction and evidence gathering – your assessor will contact you to arrange your induction, this is to plan out how you will gather the relevant evidence and complete your qualification. Your assessor will be there to support you through your NVQ. You will upload evidence, liaise with them and monitor the progress of your qualification through the Bud ePortfolio platform.
  • Sign off and certificate – your work will be signed off by your assessor and then quality checked by an IQA. 3B will apply for your certificate and once received, you will then be able to apply for a CSCS card.

Find out more by watching our NVQ Process video on YouTube.

In conclusion, an NVQ is a great pathway that opens up a number of opportunities.

Having guidance on your daily tasks will make sure you’re following the correct practices and you get the ease of completing the NVQ during your work hours.

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