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Exploring the SMSTS Course: What You Need to Know

The CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is the most highly regarded, industry-recognised qualification across the construction sector. This makes it a crucial certification for UK site managers looking to improve their knowledge and commitment to site safety.

In this guide, we’ll be explaining all you need to know about the SMSTS course, including what it covers, the benefits and what to expect. 

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What is the SMSTS Course?

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is a five day training course designed for construction site managers, supervisors, and anyone responsible for managing health and safety on construction sites. 

The SMSTS course covers a broad spectrum of topics essential for effective site management, including health and safety legislation, risk assessment, accident prevention, and the implementation of control measures. 

Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, delegates gain a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities in creating and maintaining a safe construction environment.

The Importance of SMSTS 

HSE recently reported over 53,000 injuries on construction sites, 45 of which were fatal. This highlights just how important it is to have adequate site safety training, such as the CITB SMSTS course. 

For site managers, the SMSTS certificate demonstrates dedication to upholding industry-recognised safety standards. For employers, investing in CITB accredited training for staff shows a commitment to safety and compliance. As well as enhancing their reputation, this qualification contributes to a culture of safety that can significantly reduce accidents and incidents on construction sites.

SMSTS Course Duration and Format

We deliver the SMSTS course over five days, providing insights into the key health and safety issues in the construction industry. This format is designed for those who can commit to a full week of training. 

However, if you’d prefer to minimise disruption to your busy work schedule, we also offer a day release option. This alternative format spreads the training over five weeks, allowing delegates to attend one day per week.

Both formats aim to accommodate the diverse needs of site managers, making sure they can successfully complete the course despite their busy schedules.

Key Topics Covered

The SMSTS course covers a broad range of subjects crucial for effective site management, including but not limited to:

  • Health and safety (facts and figures, accident prevention)
  • Health and Safety and The Manager
  • Health and safety and the legal system in the UK
  • Working at Height Regulations 2005
  • The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
  • The Protective Equipment Regulations 1992
  • First Aid provision
  • Various legislation
  • Asbestos
  • Waste and environmental management
  • Risk assessments and risk management
  • Construction hazards
  • Occupational health

Through a mix of lectures, group discussions, and practical exercises, the course ensures that delegates leave with a thorough understanding of their health and safety responsibilities. With this knowledge, they can maintain a safe working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and penalties for non-compliance.

Benefits of Completing the SMSTS Course

Career Advancement Opportunities

Earning an SMSTS certificate is a significant milestone for professionals in the construction sector, particularly for those in or aspiring to management roles. It tells current and future employers that you have a comprehensive understanding of safety management practices. 

Although not legally required, employers typically require the SMSTS qualification for anyone seeking employment as a site manager.

Legal Compliance and Safety Management

One of the key benefits of the SMSTS course is its in-depth focus on legal compliance and safety management. The construction industry is controlled by strict health and safety regulations, and failing to comply can result in penalties, including fines and legal action. 

The SMSTS course helps you to navigate these laws effectively so that your practices are not only safe but legally compliant. You’ll learn about the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, and other relevant legislation, gaining the skills to implement these standards on your projects. 

This not only protects your workforce but also protects your business against the reputational damage and financial costs associated with non-compliance. 

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Who Should Take the SMSTS Course?

The SMSTS course is designed for professionals who play a key role in managing the safety of construction sites. 

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

The SMSTS course is open to individuals who are currently in, or aspiring to, management roles within the construction industry. There are no strict academic requirements for this course, but delegates are expected to have a good understanding of spoken and written English to fully participate in and complete the course successfully. 

This is crucial for understanding course materials and legal requirements, and for the assessment at the end of the course. 

Delegates are also required to present a form of photographic ID at the start of the course to confirm their identity.

Ideal Candidates for the Course

The SMSTS course is most beneficial for:

  • Site Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Project Managers
  • Construction Business Owners
  • Health and Safety Advisors

Course Delivery Options: Classroom vs Online

3B Training offers flexible delivery options for the SMSTS course, including online and in-person SMSTS training.

Public Classroom SMSTS Training

Classroom based SMSTS courses are delivered in a physical classroom environment with a CITB tutor and up to 20 delegates (dependent on the training venue). This can either be delivered as a five day block or a SMSTS Day Release. Both formats are available at our training venues nationwide.

Delegates can book for themselves, or companies can book on behalf of their employees. You can book one or more places for an SMSTS course online.

Public Online SMSTS Training

Our SMSTS online course allows delegates to participate from anywhere via Zoom, conveniently reducing the need for travel and accommodation arrangements. 

Online courses cover the same content as our classroom courses, with a live trainer. Throughout the course, you can expect group discussions which ensure delegates have the same opportunities to interact with each other as they would in the classroom.

In-House SMSTS Training

Organisations looking to train multiple employees simultaneously find in-house training most suitable, offering it as either online or in-person training. This format suits companies aiming to uniformly train their site managers and supervisors in health and safety.

One benefit of in-house training is the ability to tailor examples to address specific challenges relevant to the company’s operations. Additionally, in-house SMSTS fosters team building and a shared understanding of safety practices among employees.

Finally, the scheduling is flexible, allowing companies to choose timings that minimise disruption to their projects.

How to Book Your SMSTS Course

Enrolling on the SMSTS course is a straightforward process. If you’re a delegate, you can book onto the course yourself. If you’re a company, you can book one or more places on behalf of your employees. 

Simply head over to our SMSTS training course page where you’ll find our next available course dates to choose from.

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Choose Your Preferred Course Delivery Option

Decide between online, in-house, or traditional classroom training. Each option has its benefits, so consider what works best for your schedule and learning style.

Select a Course Date and Location

If you’re opting for in-person training, choose a location and date that suits you. For online courses, you’ll only need to select the date, as you can participate from anywhere.

Register for the Course

Once you’ve chosen your course date and format, click on the “Book” button on the course page. You’ll be prompted to fill in your details, including your name and contact information.

Complete the Payment Process

Follow the instructions to complete the payment for your course. 

Confirmation and Course Materials

You’ll receive a confirmation email with details about the course, including how to access course materials if you’re attending online, and the address and start times for in-person sessions.

Prepare for Your Course

Make sure you have the necessary equipment for online learning (a computer with internet access, a webcam, and a microphone) or know the location and start time for in-person training. 

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to completing the CITB SMSTS course and enhancing your skills in construction site safety management. If you have any questions or need further assistance during the booking process, don’t hesitate to contact the 3B Training support team for help.


What is the SMSTS Course?

The CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course is a comprehensive training program designed for construction site managers and supervisors. It focuses on important aspects of health and safety regulations, risk assessments, and effective site management practices.

How long is the SMSTS Course?

The SMSTS course runs for a total of five days. You can complete this either in a one-week block or spread it out over several weeks with the day release option.

Who should attend the SMSTS Training?

The course is ideal for site managers, project managers, site supervisors, business owners in the construction industry, and anyone responsible for overseeing health and safety on construction sites.

Is the SMSTS Course accredited?

Yes, the SMSTS course is accredited by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) as part of their Site Safety Plus suite of courses, ensuring it meets high standards of health and safety training.

How is the SMSTS Training assessed?

The course assessment evaluates your participation throughout the training and your performance in the four core exercises. The four exercises include:

  • Implementing health and safety legislation
  • Managers and supervisors responsibilities
  • Construction site briefing
  • Construction site layout

On the last day, you will display a presentation in front of the other group members and complete a multiple-choice exam.

What certification do I receive upon completing the SMSTS Course?

Delegates successfully completing the course receive a CITB SMSTS certificate valid for five years, after which they must take a refresher course to maintain their certification.

Is there funding or grants available for the SMSTS Course?

CITB registered companies can claim for each delegate who successfully passes this course.

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