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Abrasive Wheels Training Course

Abrasive Wheels training course is a classroom-based course that ensures that you are competent and safe when using and inspecting different abrasive-wheel types. On the course, you will learn the steps you need to take, to safely and legally use abrasive wheels.

This will help to reduce accidents and allow you to work within the vital legislation. We offer two types of the abrasive wheels training course: a 3B Training one and a EUSR course. If you are interested in an abrasive wheels online course, fill the enquiry form and one of the team will be in touch.

  • Work safely and understand legal requirements
  • You can complete this course in the classroom
  • Practical elements included
  • We can deliver this Abrasive Wheels training in-house
  • CITB grants scheme claimable
  • Valid for three years
  • 3B Training accredited or EUSR accredited
Abrasive wheels training course

Abrasive Wheels Training course content

What does the Abrasive Wheels training cover?

This training course meets the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98). The course content is delivered in the classroom through demonstrations by the tutor. The course includes a practical element in which you will familiarise yourself with changing the disks on the saw.

On the EUSR course, the delegates have a practical which is the use of the machine and a practical cut. Delegates will need to be face fit tested, and must provide a copy of their certificate before the course.

The 3B Training course does not include a practical, but you will be shown how to change discs, and when discs are damaged.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • The need to train on an abrasive wheel and the statutory requirements
  • Characteristics of an abrasive wheel and the types of wheel available
  • Wheel speed
  • Hazards and precautions to control them
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Storage & handling
  • Inspection and methods of testing for damage
  • Abrasive wheel machine components
  • Guarding
  • Dressing and balancing
  • Specific mounting procedures

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of the legal requirements of how to safely use an abrasive wheel. You will also be able to pinpoint possible hazards and prevent them, select the correct PPE and safety equipment and check it appropriately.

What is Required to Pass the Abrasive Wheels Course?

The tutor will assess you throughout the course on your level of participation and understanding. Then you will complete a 20 question multiple-choice assessment paper at the end of the course. Successful delegates should leave with the ability to use the equipment safely and productively.

How long is the Abrasive Wheels training course?

The 3B Training course is around three hours long, while the EUSR course is 7 hours long, due to the practical machine cut.

The short duration allows you to get qualified quickly without affecting productivity and reducing your time away from work. In addition, we only cover the content that you need to know, therefore making the course engaging and valuable.

Why should I take this course?

People who use abrasive wheels or other grinding and cutting tools in their work should attend this course. This includes machine operators and the managers and supervisors of the operators.

By attending the course, you are meeting the legal requirements of PUWER 98 that anyone who operates cutting or grinding wheels should have some form of appropriate training.

Not only will the training make you compliant, but it will also make you safety-competent. If you are not aware of the correct precautions and procedures of using abrasive wheels, you are putting yourself in danger of an accident. The most common accidents include the wheel breaking or you coming in contact with the wheel.

Abrasive Wheels Training entry requirements

There are no formal requirements for this course.

We advise that you speak to the tutor before the course starts about the kind of equipment your job role requires so that the tutor can tailor the course content accordingly.

We also ask that you have a good level of speaking and understanding English. But, again, this is to get the most out of the course, and we know that you will leave the course and use abrasive wheels safely.

Is this course accredited?

This abrasive wheels course is accredited by 3B Training or EUSR, depending on which course was taken.

After successfully passing the EUSR course, you will get a digital or physical card. The digital card is included as standard, and the physical card can be added as an extra cost.

If you have taken the 3B Training course and met the required pass mark, you will get your digital certificate in around 6 – 8 weeks.

The Abrasive Wheels certificate is  valid for three years. To renew the certificate, you must attend the course again.


Where can I Take This Course?

In-house Courses

We can arrange Abrasive Wheels as an in-house course specifically for your company at one of our training venues or a venue of your choosing.

If you would like a 3B accredited Abrasive Wheels course, this is half a day and is delivered in a classroom.

Alternatively, if you prefer the EUSR accredited Abrasive Wheels course, this is a full day course that is delivered in the classroom.

If you have a large group of operatives who need the training, we can tailor the course to be relevant to your company. The social format will help to encourage conversation about your company’s internal processes.

We price each course individually per enquiry. The price we provide will vary depending on the venue, the equipment needed and the delegate numbers. Fill in the in-house enquiry form for a quote.

Further development

When using an abrasive wheel, the user must be fully equipped to deal with the potential hazards. Workers must be protected when working with construction dust, therefore we recommend attending the Face Fit Testing course.

You may also want to attend the UKATA Asbestos Awareness course to be aware of the dangers of asbestos and where to find it.

Is this course CITB Grant claimable?

Yes, companies who are CITB registered can claim for each delegate who successfully pass this course.

You can find the list of short courses and the grant amounts you can claim here: CITB Grant Value for Short Courses


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