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Advanced Scaffold Inspection

The Advanced Scaffold Inspection course is designed to help delegates gain further understanding of health and safety regulations during the inspection process of a complex design scaffold.

How long is the Advanced Scaffold Inspection course?
Two day

Who should attend the Scaffold Inspection course?
Those who are responsible for inspecting complex scaffolds

Is the Scaffold Inspection course accredited?
CISRS accredited

Advanced Scaffold Inspection

Entry Requirements

To attend the Advanced Scaffold Inspection course, you need to have the following prerequisites.

You need to be able to confirm completing the CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test within the last two years. You may also attend the course if you hold any of the following in the last two years:

You must also have obtained a CISRS card for two years.

What does the Advanced Scaffold Inspection course cover?

The course will go over all the terminology, regulations and approved Codes of practice surrounding scaffold inspection. Throughout the course, you will cover the following topics:

  1. Properly and securely assemble a range of scaffold structures
  2. Examine regulations governing the safe assembling/dismantling/inspection of scaffolds
  3. Conduct processes bearing, acknowledging and using method statements and risk assessments
  4. Use scale drawings and scale rules
  5.  Decide on the material requirements for a range of scaffold structures
  6. Construct a scaffold to statutory regulations
  7. SVQ / NVQ portfolio building

What is Required to Pass the Advanced Scaffold Inspection course?

The tutor delivers the course in a range of theory and practical mediums. Furthermore, the course can only be completed when you pass the final written and practical examination.

Further Development

Once you have completed the training you will obtain the Advanced SITS certificate. You can then apply for the SITS inspection card. To book onto a CISRS SITS course please contact us here.


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