Basic Scaffolding Inspection

Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) 

BSI – Basic Scaffolding Inspection Training


The CISRS accredited Basic Scaffolding Inspection courses help the delegate gain an understanding into scaffolding construction. You will also learn about its different forms and components. The course will also cover the procedures of inspecting scaffolds and how to work to the current legislation.

Courses Available

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Basic Scaffolding Inspection Training –  This 3 day course is mainly aimed at supervisors and managers. It is ideal for those who have responsibilities for inspecting, record keeping and approving scaffold structures. They must also learn how to do this in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

CISRS Basic Scaffolder Part 1 course – This is ideal for candidates who are working towards a scaffolder CISRS trainee card and an NVQ Level 2. This course runs for 10 days.

CISRS Basic Scaffolder Part 2 course – this is for candidates who are working towards a scaffolder CISRS basic card and an NVQ Level 2. Additionally these delegates will have already completed the CISRS Basic Scaffolder Part 1 course. This course also runs for 10 days.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Scaffolding & Scaffolding Terminology.
  • The Work at Height Regulations 2005.
  • British, European and Industry Standards (NASC).
  • Overview of SG4:10 Fall Arrest Equipment.
  • TG20:13.
  • Tube, fittings & boards.
  • Safe ladder access and egress.
  • Scaffolders training and working methods.
  • Bracing and tying scaffolds.
  • Fan boards and public protection.
  • Mobile, static and loading towers.
  • Birdcage scaffolds.
  • Beams and bridging beams.
  • Various types of system scaffolding.
  • How to carry out a scaffolding inspection.
  • Scaffold tagging systems.
  • Scaffold inspection exercise.
  • Knowledge test and assessment.

Suitable Delegates

The course is suitable for any person who assembles, disassembles or examines scaffolding as part of their occupation.

Further Development

By the end of the training attendees will be able to comprehend the legislation surrounding scaffold systems. You will also be able to assess loads before using working platforms and and know the difference between different scaffold systems. As well as being able to safely inspect a scaffold structure or mobile tower.

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