COVID-19 Secure eLearning Courses

COVID-19 Secure for Office eLearning Course

The COVID-19 Secure For Office eLearning course is designed to improve the safety of office staff returning to work. The course will help to give them confidence in these difficult times.

How long is the COVID-19 eLearning course?
Approx. 1 hour

Who should complete the COVID-19 eLearning course?
Employees and managers who are returning to work in the office.

Is the COVID-19 eLearning course accredited?
Highfield accredited

COVID-19 Secure For Office eLearning

Course Content of the COVID-19 Secure For Office eLearning

The Highfield online course is delivered through a range of interactive exercises, quizzes and assessments. The learners will cover the below subjects:

  • Coronavirus protocols.
  • Risk assessments to prevent infection.
  • Getting to work safely.
  • Effectively managing common areas.
  • How to interact with colleagues and customers in a safe way.
  • Effectively cleaning your working environment.
  • Face and body coverings and how to best use them.
  • Your delivery processes and are they putting employees and customers at risk?
  • Dealing with accidents and injury.
  • Listening to and raising concerns.

Further Development

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