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COVID-19 Secure for Office eLearning Course

COVID-19 Secure For Office eLearning course is designed to improve the safety of office staff returning to work. The course will help give you confidence in these difficult times by covering office safety protocol and hygiene. In addition, the knowledge that you gain will help you understand the processes to help keep yourself and others safe.

  • Highfield accredited.
  • Available completely online.
  • You can complete it in your own time.
  • Improve your safety when returning to work.
COVID-19 Secure For Office eLearning

COVID-19 Secure For Office eLearning course content

Once that you have booked your eLearning course, you will receive an email with your login details to the online portal. The points you are given will allow you to access the system.

The Highfield online course is delivered through a range of interactive exercises, quizzes and assessments. The learners will cover the below subjects:

  • Coronavirus protocols.
  • Risk assessments to prevent infection.
  • Getting to work safely.
  • Effectively managing common areas.
  • How to interact with colleagues & customers safely.
  • Effectively cleaning your working environment.
  • Face and body coverings and how to best use them.
  • Your delivery processes and are they putting employees and customers at risk?
  • Dealing with accidents and injury.
  • Listening to and raising concerns.

Each unit will be followed by a knowledge check to monitor your understanding.

How long is a Covid-19 eLearning Training Course for Offices?

You can complete the course in just an hour; this is the average time of Highfield learners. This is perfect for those who would like to take the course quickly before returning to work.

Why should I take this course?

As an employee or manager who is returning to work, you may experience concerns about your safety. Whether you are returning from furlough, no longer working from home or starting a new position, this course will give you the confidence that you are protected.

COVID-19 Secure for Office eLearning Course entry requirements

To access the eLearning course.

You must log in via a computer, laptop, or tablet connected to the internet. Some of the units will require you to wear headphone or have speakers connected to hear the tutorials. We do not advise that you log in via a mobile phone.

Is this course accredited?

This eLearning course is Highfield accredited. Highfield offers an interactive online learning experience that experts and highly user-friendly write.

Where can I complete this course?

eLearning Courses

Our eLearning courses are highly accessible and can be accessed anywhere, as long as you can connect to the internet. You can gradually complete the course at your own pace and not rely on specific time constraints or course availability.

You can book this course via this page, or if you have any questions, please fill in the enquiry form. Once you have sent your enquiry, one of the team will be in touch with you.

Further development

Check out our full range of COVID-19 Secure eLearning courses here.

We also offer a range of health & safety training courses for office workers. A great place to start for workers at any level is the IOSH Working Safely course. The course covers a range of occupational working safely subjects that you can use in a range of workplaces.


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  • COVID-19 Secure For Office eLearning

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