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First Aid at Work Training eLearningFirst Aid at Work eLearning is an online course that teaches you how to apply treatment to casualties with an injury or illness until a medical professional arrives. It is imperative for employers to ensure correct arrangements are made in the workplace.  You need to account the size of the workplace and the potential health and safety risks that may arise.  This online course ensures that enough appointed people are available.

How long is the First Aid at Work eLearning course?
Approx. 6 hours

Who should complete the First Aid at Work course?
Anyone who needs to be a qualified appointed person in first aid, particularly in a high-risk work environment.

Is the First Aid at Work course accredited?
Highfield accredited

When does my First Aid at Work certificate expire?
Three years

Course Objectives

On completion of the Highfield eLearning course, the delegate should have further knowledge of first aid in the workplace. They will also be able to deal with incidents in the workplace in accordance with the HSE.

Course Content of the First Aid at Work eLearning

The First Aid at Work eLearning course is split into 13 modules. Each module covers different elements that you need to know to pass the course.

The course modules are as followed:

  • Highfield LogoThe roles and responsibilities of an appointed first aider.
  • Incident assessment
  • How to manage an unresponsive casualty
  • Assisting a choking casualty and recognising the signs of choking
  • Treating a casualty who is in shock or bleeding externally
  • Treating a casualty with minor injuries
  • The secondary survey
  • Managing a casualty with bone injuries
  • Administering first aid to a casualty spinal and head injuries
  • Administering first aid to a casualty with suspected chest injuries
  • Managing a casualty with eye injuries or burns
  • Managing a casualty with sudden anaphylaxis or poisoning
  • Administering first aid to a casualty with a major illness

On completion of your booking, you will receive an email with your login information, you then have up to 12 months to finish the course before your licence expires. On completion of the course, you will be able to download your certificate.

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