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Food Safety Courses – Food Safety Level 2


Food Safety Level 2The Food Safety Level 2 course is devised to educate the delegate on food handling in the workplace.

Manufacturing – this course is designed for those who intend to work in the manufacturing and the production of food and drink.

Retail – this course is designed for those who work in a retail environment in which food is available. Delivery drivers, home delivery workers or those in a similar role should attend this course.

Catering – this course is aimed at those who will be handling food on a catering role. This course is also suitable for those who are likely to be working in a catering environment such as; cleaners, maintenance men, health inspectors and delivery personnel.

Course length:
One day

Course Content

The Food Safety Level 2 course covers the following topics:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Keeping food safe
  • Keeping work areas clean and hygienic
  • Personal responsibility for food safety

What is Required to Pass the Food Safety Level 2?

To pass the course the delegates will be assessed with an end of course examination. The examination will either contain a 30 question multiple choice test or an open question notebook, this depends on the preference of the tutor. Delegates will also be monitored throughout the course on their ability to show that they will be competent in their working environment.

Entry Requirements 

There are no entry requirements for this course; although it is advised that you have a minimum or equivalent of a Level 1 qualification in Maths and English.

Course Locations

The Food Safety Level 2 course is available in Wigan at our Head office as an open course or on an in-house basis.

The course is also available on our eLearning platform. Find out more about the Food Safety Level 2 eLearning course here.

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