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NVQ Level 6 in Occupational Health and Safety

Level 6 NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety qualification is designed for learners who are responsible for health & safety in their workplace. The NVQ is proof of your competency in your job role.

  • Nationally recognised accredited NVQ.
  • Gain the Black Manager CSCS Card.
  • High-level qualification.
  • Flexible qualification, that can be complete around your schedule.
  • Work to industry standards.
  • Can be completed mostly online.
  • Progress as a health & safety practitioner.
  • Accepted when applying for Graduate Membership of IOSH.
  • Lifetime qualification.
Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice

NVQ Level 6 in Occupational Health and Safety course content

Once you have been enrolled onto the course you will be assigned an assessor.

The assessor will conduct an initial induction with you over a video call or by phone call. The induction is used to outline how you will gather all the evidence needed to complete the qualification. The assessor will regularly review your progress to ensure that you remain on track.

You will be assessed in their workplace by a range of methods. Such as evidence generated from the workplace, professional discussions, witness testimonials, observations and written questions. Assessors carry out assessment calls via Zoom throughout the process. The course structure includes the following mandatory units:

  • Promoting a positive health and safety culture
  • Implementing and developing effective communication systems for health and safety information
  • Identifying, assessing and controlling health and safety risks
  • Implementing and developing reactive monitoring systems for health and safety
  • Developing and implementing health and safety review systems
  • Implementing and developing the health and safety policy
  • Maintaining and developing individual and organisational competence in health and safety matters
  • Developing and implementing proactive monitoring systems for health and safety
  • Implementing and developing health and safety emergency response systems and procedures
  • Maintaining knowledge of improvements to influence health and safety procedure

To pass the qualification, you are required to provide evidence for every unit of the NVQ. When you have covered each unit, the assessor will examine the portfolio of evidence and provide any feedback, if required. Once the feedback has been responded to appropriately, the portfolio will go to the IQA. The IQA will have a final decision on whether the portfolio requires further evidence or if the course is complete.

How long is a Level 6 in Occupational Health & Safety NVQ?

There is no set time limit to finish the qualification. The time it takes to complete the NVQ is dependant on how quickly you can gather the relevant evidence.

If you require to finish the NVQ quickly, you can work with your assessor to complete the units as soon as possible.

If you have a busy schedule, the flexible format of the NVQ allows you to arrange your assessments around your workload.

Why should I take this course?

Staff members, supervisors or managers who have physical input into the process of a company’s health & safety should complete this NVQ.

If you work in the construction sector as a manager with health & safety-related responsibilities, can use this course to gain the Black Manager CSCS Card.

The Level 6 NVQ is the same level as a Bachelor’s Degree; it is a highly recognised qualification that holds a lot of weight when applying for health & safety roles.

The NVQ will also help you to gain progression opportunities within your work. The qualification will show your capability to your peers and clients, and increase your reputation.

NVQ Level 6 in Occupational Health and Safety entry requirements

The qualification will assess your competence in your current job role. Therefore, to enrol, you must be the age of 19 or over and working in health & safety-related role.

You are also required to complete a skills-based questionnaire and provide a copy of your CV. We complete this process to determine your eligibility.

We advise that you have an expert witness within your organisation (e.g. line manager) who can provide witness testaments throughout the process.

For more information about learner suitability to the qualification, contact the team via the contact form on this page. If we feel that you aren’t suitable, we will recommend an alternative.

Where can I complete this course?

The Level 6 Health & Safety NVQ is available to complete across the country. The qualification can be booked by individuals and companies booking on their behalf, online or over the phone.

Location isn’t normally an issue for this qualification, in most cases, the NVQ can be completed remotely. You can complete your units over a video or phone call with your assessor from your workplace.

Is this course accredited?

This course is accredited by ProQual AB.

ProQual is an Ofqual recognised awarding body who promote and grant qualifications. They are nationally known for delivering a high-quality course for training providers in a variety of industries.

Further development

On completion of the NVQ, you will receive a certificate. The certificate is a lifetime qualification that does not expire.

IOSH now accept the ProQual Level 6 NVQ when you apply for Graduate Membership of IOSH. Please note that IOSH will accept learners from all awarding bodies enrolled on the old Level 5 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Practice up to 31st August 2019

If you do not already hold the qualification, you should attend the NEBOSH Construction Certificate or NEBOSH General Certificate. Both courses cover health & safety in great detail and are what employers are looking for in health & safety personnel.

Payment Plan

Payment plans are available for a selected group of our more expensive NVQs. We offer two options for Level 6 / 7 NVQs, which will help spread the cost of the qualification.

Option 1

Pay 50% of the course fee upon registering and the remaining 50% payment upon completion of the NVQ.

Option 2

Pay four equal payments, the first upon booking, then the remaining payments on week 4, week 8, and week 12.

Payment plans are not available to customers who book directly online. Please contact a member of the team to arrange a payment plan.


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