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Overview of the Manual Handling Training Course

This course teaches delegates how to improve their manual handling technique, how to conduct a personal risk assessment, and how to understand the risks linked with manual handling.

Course length:
3 hours

Who is it for:
Anyone who conducts manual handling in their occupation. Also useful for individuals who wish to reduce their personal risk when handling.

Course Objectives

When complete, delegates will be able to execute manual handling techniques cautiously and efficiently. They will also be able to analyse a load and lift it correctly. They will gain knowledge on the impact lifting injuries have on a business and regulations and legislation surrounding it.

Course Content

Manual Handling in LiverpoolThe course is delivered in the classroom and is split into the following five sections:

  • Introduction and Legislation –manual handling is? How injuries are caused. The positive outcome of controlling risks, legislation, employer and employee duties and also HSE guidance.
  • Risk Assessments – what is a risk assessment? Assessing task, load, and environmental hazards. Evaluating who may be harmed. Evaluating risks, recording findings and also reviewing and updating.
  • Reducing and Controlling the Risks – organising a manual handling operation. Hierarchy of control measures, individual capacity and avoiding manual handling. How mechanical aids, changing the task, load and environment, personal protective equipment and reducing the risks from team handling can help in a situation.
  • Techniques – How to lift from low levels, carrying, lowering from a height. Pushing and pulling and team handling.
  • Identifying the Risks – types of injury and the mechanics of movement and factors that increase the risk of harm.

The course makes sure that the employees attending are able to work in line with HSE legislation.

What is Required to Pass the Manual Handling Course?

There is a short assessment at the end of the course.

Entry Requirements

There are no requirements to entry on this course.

Further Development

This course is part of our short course package. The short course days include three, three-hour short courses. You can attend whichever course you would like, and as many as you want during the day. The advantage of the package is that the more you book, the more you save.

This course is also available as an eLearning course, find out more about Manual Handling eLearning here.

Course Locations

Manual Handling training is available in DerbyHullLeedsLiverpoolManchesterSheffield, Watford and Wigan.

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