NEBOSH General Certificate

NEBOSH GeneralThe NEBOSH General Certificate is the must-have qualification for safety and health practitioners. Its practical approach promotes the application of the knowledge acquired in the course to problem-solving within the workplace. NEBOSH Certificate is the equivalent to an NVQ Level 3 / A-level qualification.

The courses are conducted quarterly and can be tailored to suit your industry requirements. The qualification is specifically referred to as a key competence in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

How long is the NEBOSH General course?
11 days of classroom study, plus personal study hours
Week 1: NGC1 (5 days)
2: NGC2 (5 days)
3: NGC1 & NGC2 Exams (1 day)

Who should attend the NEBOSH General?
Managers, supervisors and staff from all types of organisations who need a broad understanding of health and safety.

Is the NEBOSH General course accredited?
NEBOSH accredited

When does my NEBOSH certificate expire?
You do not need to renew your NEBOSH Certificate

What is covered in the NEBOSH General Certificate course?

The content covered by the NEBOSH General Certificate includes:

NGC1 (NEBOSH General Certificate Unit 1) – Management of Health & Safety

This unit covers HSE legislation, health & safety knowledge and health & safety management systems.

  • 1 – Foundations in Health & Safety
  • 2 – Health & Safety Management Systems 1 – Plan
  • 3 – Health & Safety Management Systems 2 – Do
  • 4 – Health & Safety Management Systems 3 – Check
  • 5 – Health & Safety Management Systems 4 – Act

NGC2 (NEBOSH General Certificate Unit 2)– Controlling Workplace Hazards

This unit covers workplace hazards and how to control and prevent them.

  • NEBOSH Logo1 – Workplace Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 2 – Transport Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 3 – Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 4 – Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 5 – Electrical Safety
  • 6 – Fire Safety
  • 7 – Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk Controls
  • 8 – Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Risk Controls

NGC3 (NEBOSH General Certificate Unit 3)– Practical Exam

Within 10 days of completing the NGC2 exam, you must have handed in your completed practical exam.


  • NGC1 – Morning exam: 2 hours.
  • NGC2 – Afternoon exam: 2 hours.

Further Development

Further NEBOSH courses available include, NEBOSH Construction Certificate and the NEBOSH Diploma.

NEBOSH General Certificate Unit Prices

It is possible to book each unit or exam separately if you would like to do this please contact us. Prices are as follows:

  • NGC1 (5 days) & NGC1 Exam: £600+VAT
  • NGC2 (5 days) & NGC2 Exam: £600+VAT
  • NGC1 Exam: £79+VAT
  • NGC2 Exam: £79+VAT
  • NGC3 Practical Exam: £59+VAT
  • NGC1, NGC2 & NGC3 Practical exams: £149+VAT

Additional Options

  • Exam Revision Day: £99+VAT
  • Mock Exam Day: £99+VAT
  • NEBOSH Combined – for those who want to achieve both the NEBOSH General and Construction Certificates: £1,975+VAT

What is Required to Pass the NEBOSH General Course?

The delegate will need to successfully pass two closed-book exams (NGC1 & NGC2). They will also have a practical health and safety risk assessment to complete (NGC3) which they will submit after the exams. You will receive your certificate between 6-8 weeks after the exam results have been declared by NEBOSH.

Next Available Courses

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£1,200.00 + VAT

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