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NRSWA Operative Course

The NRSWA operative course provides the knowledge and skills you need to carry out street works safely.

This streetworks course is designed for anyone working on roads and highways. Overall, the street works training will educate you on how to reduce accidents on the site and reduce road fatalities.

Why Take this NRSWA Operative Course?

It is a legal requirement that you have a NRSWA qualification before working on a street works site.

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 requires that each set of street works have at least one qualified operative.

In most cases, you will have to show your swqr card to be able to work as an operative on a street works site. You get your swqr card by attending and successfully passing a NRSWA operative course.

What Does this Streetworks Course Involve?

This streetworks course units includes a theory session and practical training. The key certificates are LA and OI.

For the full information on what’s covered in this NRSWA course, read the course content section below.

Benefits of this NRSWA Operative Course:

  • You will learn how to work safely and efficiently on street works sites
  • Achieve a swqr card that is valid for five years
  • Increases your career prospects within the construction and infrastructure industries
  • Shows competence to employers
  • Promotes teamwork, collaboration and communication skills
The NRSWA operative course provides the knowledge and skills you need to carry out street works safely.

NRSWA Operative course content

The following NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Assessments) units are covered in this training:

  • LA – Location and avoidance of underground apparatus (CAT and Genny training– can be attended as an individual course)
  • 01 – Signing, lighting and guarding (can be attended as an individual course)
  • 02 – Excavation in the highway
  • 03 – Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
  • 04 – Reinstatement of sub-base and road in non-bituminous materials
  • 05 – Reinstatement in cold-lay bituminous materials
  • 08 – Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the delegates will perform operative duties to the level required by the NRSWA Act 1991.

What is Required to Pass the NRSWA Operative Course?

Each unit has a practical and theory assessment.


Would involve demonstrating safe excavation techniques or cable avoidance amongst other assessments.


  • Multi-choice exam via a tablet
  • 45 minutes time limit
  • 80% pass mark needed to pass this course
  • Two resits are allowed and they are normally offered on the same day

How is the NRSWA Operative Course Delivered?

Public Classroom Courses

You can attend our NRSWA Operative courses in a classroom at our Leigh venue.

Individuals and companies can book the courses available either over the phone or directly online through our website.

Our public courses will be for all modules except Hot Lay and Reinstatement of concrete slabs.

In-house Courses

We currently offer the NRSWA operative and supervisor certificates in our Leigh venue.

These in-house courses are classroom based, and we can arrange the course for a maximum of eight delegates per trainer.

We can include the Hot Lay module if required, but you will need to supply the materials. For a quote, complete the enquiry form and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

We price each in-house course on a case by case basis. We would consider the course location and number of delegates for each quote.

How long does the NRSWA Operative Course Take?

The course is delivered over a duration of one to five days, depending on the units completed by the delegates.

NRSWA Operative Course Entry Requirements

To enrol, you should be able to speak and understand English well.

You should have a good physical and mental fitness level, as practical assessments can be rigorous.

PPE is required for the training and should include safety footwear, high visibility jacket, safety helmet, safety glasses, safety gloves and ear defenders. Please also bring footwear suitable for indoor use.

Is the NRSWA Operative Course Accredited?

This NRSWA course is accredited by CABWI.

You will receive a CABWI certificate upon successfully completing this course. You will receive a certificate for each unit, as well as a Street Works Card, which is valid for five years.

To renew your card, you will need to complete a two-day NRSWA reassessment course.

Is this NRSWA Operative Course CITB Grant Claimable?

Yes, companies who are CITB registered can claim for each delegate who successfully pass this course.

You can find the list of short courses and the grant amounts you can claim here: CITB Grant Value for Short Courses


What is a swqr card?

An swqr card is a card that you receive when you have a New Roads and Street Works certificate. This normally occurs after successfully passing a NRSWA course.

What does NRSWA stand for?

NRSWA stands for the New Road and Street Works Act

How to get an NRSWA qualification?

To get a NRSWA qualification, you will need to attend and pass a NRSWA course. At 3B Training, we offer NRSWA operative, NRSWA Supervisor and NRSWA Reassessment courses for you to attend.


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