Construction NVQ Levels 4 - 7

NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management

NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management is a competence-based qualification for working in the construction sector. All in all, you will use the NVQ to gather and  provide evidence of your competency in your role as a construction site manager.

The qualification will allow you to prove and develop your skills as a site manager. No classroom training is required and you will be covering aspects of your day to day role.

You will be given an assessor upon enrolment and they will work with you to build a portfolio of evidence.

This NVQ Level 6 covers the following content (for the full list covered in this qualification, see the dropdown below):

  • Identifying and enabling learning opportunities for given work teams
  • Establishing, controlling and monitoring environmental factors and sustainability
  • Ensuring that work activities and resources meet project work requirement
  • Organising, controlling and monitoring supplies of materials

Benefits of the NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management:

NVQ Level 6 Construction Site Management allows you to prove and develop your skills as a site manager.

NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management Content

Upon enrolment

You will be given an assessor. The assessor will work with you to build a portfolio of evidence.

They will also arrange a remote or on-site induction

The induction is used to plan out how you will gather the relevant evidence to complete the course. The assessor will also regularly review your progression to ensure that you are keeping on track.

You will be assessed on-site through various methods

Such as observations, written questions, evidence generated from the workplace, professional discussion and witness testimonials.

  • Identifying and enabling learning opportunities for given work teams
  • Establishing, controlling and monitoring environmental factors and sustainability
  • Ensuring that work activities and resources meet project work requirements
  • Organising, controlling and monitoring supplies of materials
  • Establishing project dimensional control criteria
  • Evaluating feedback information and recommending improvements
  • Contributing to the identification of work teams
  • Planning the preparation of the site for the project / operation
  • Identifying, allocating and planning the deployment and use of plant, equipment or machinery
  • Establishing and monitoring communication systems and organisational procedures
  • Controlling project quantities and costs

For more information, please contact the team.

To pass the Construction Site Management NVQ Level 6 , you must complete each qualification unit by providing the required evidence.

Once you have done so, the assessor will review the portfolio and provide feedback to which you will need to respond.

Once all feedback has been addressed, the IQA will review the evidence and decide whether the qualification is complete.

How much does the NVQ Level 6 in Construction Site Management cost?

The cost of this qualification is £1700 +VAT

How long is this NVQ?

The NVQ has no set time limit to complete. The duration is down to how quickly you can gather all the evidence needed.

Working as a Site Manager can be a busy role, and balancing a qualification around it can be challenging.

Luckily the format of an NVQ is highly flexible and can be completed in your own time. You can organise gathering evidence and communications with your assessor around your workload.

Why should I take this NVQ?

Construction Site Managers who intend to gain the Black CSCS Card or Manager Card should enrol on the NVQ. The card is used to show that you are working as a Site Manager at the industry required level.

The Black CSCS Card and NVQ are vital qualifications for someone at this level.  They are highly recognised by employers in the industry and will help you progress when looking for work or within your current role.

You will also show the team you manage that you are capable and qualified in your role.

Entry requirements

The qualification will assess your competence in your current job role. Therefore you must be currently working as a Construction Site Manager or in a role at the same level.

You are also required to be aged 16 or above to enrol.

If we find that you are unsuitable for the qualification, we will find another one that fits your credentials.

Where can I complete this NVQ?

NVQs are available to complete across the United Kingdom. Individuals or companies booking on their behalf can book NVQs directly online or over the phone.

You can complete the Site Manager qualification mostly remotely. You can upload your evidence online and communicate with your assessor over a video call, phone call or email. Any units that need to be completed face-to-face will be arranged at your workplace.

Is this NVQ accredited?

Yes, this NVQ is accredited by ProQual or GQA Qualification.

GQA is an awarding body that delivers specialist NVQs for the construction sector. They work with construction and other allied industries to access knowledge that will help to improve their NVQs.

ProqQual has a good reputation throughout the industry for providing high-quality services. They also work with leading experts to improve their NVQs and to keep them relevant.

Once you have completed the NVQ, you will receive a course certificate. The qualification does not need to be renewed and, therefore, does not expire.

The next step upon completion would be to apply for the Black CSCS Manager Card. This card will be used as evidence that you are accountable and knowledgeable as a Site Manager.

Is this NVQ CITB Grant claimable?

Yes, both CITB Skills and Training Fund and Grants can be claimed by CITB registered companies for all NVQs (with the exception of Occupational Health and Safety).

The CITB grant is available to eligible companies who can claim £600, but they will need to make a manual claim themselves retrospectively.

The CITB Skills and Training Fund is a pot of funding that micro, small and medium sized construction companies can use to improve the skills of the construction industry.

You can apply if:

  • you are a CITB-registered employer
  • you have 1-250 directly employed staff on the payroll
  • any previous project paid for by the Skills and Training fund has been signed off as complete.

Payment Plan

We offer interest-free payment plans on all NVQs.

Options include:

  • 50/50: 50% payable upon booking, 50% payable upon completion.
  • 4 equal payments, over the first 4 months.

Please speak to the NVQ Team when enquiring/booking to arrange this.


How to get a black CSCS card?

To get a black CSCS card with 3B Training, you can complete an NVQ L6 or L7 (whichever is most suitable for your job role). You must also pass the CITB Managers and Professionals Health, Safety and Environment Test (this is bookable directly with CITB).

Once you have achieved the NVQ, collected your certificate, and sat and passed the touch-screen test, you can then apply for your CSCS black card which costs £36.

Do I need to do any exams to get a CSCS black card?

There are no formal exams as part of the NVQ; the learner will be required to provide evidence of tasks they complete as part of their job role to show their competence. They will be asked to provide both:

Product Evidence – e.g., documents, policies, emails, video recordings etc. relating to tasks they carry out daily.

Knowledge Evidence – they will be asked questions relating to their job role (answers can be written/typed or recorded with their assessor as a professional discussion).

What qualification do you need for a black CSCS card?

As per the CSCS website:

This card is available for manager and technical occupations subject to:

  • Achievement of a relevant Construction Management/Technical related NVQ/SVQ level 5, 6 or 7
  • A SVQ Level 4 in Construction Management/Technical related qualification or
  • Holding a pre-existing NVQ level 4 in construction management

Here at 3B Training, we offer:


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