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Safety Harness Training Course

Safety Harness training covers various topics to help you work safely at height through a harness’s proper use. A poor-fitting safety harness can prove very dangerous; that is why training is vital for those who commonly use a harness whilst working at height.  The skills you gain will help reduce the risk of a potentially fatal accident and protect your company from the repercussions of those accidents.

We can arrange the course in-house for a group of your employees. If you have a large team that need to be made aware of harness safety, this format is the perfect option.

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  • Qualify in just three hours.
  • Learn how to use a harness correctly and safely.
  • Understand the relevant regulations of working at height.
  • We can deliver this course in-house.
  • Valid for three years.
Safety Harness Course

Safety Harness course content

Some of the units that the training course will cover are:

  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Working at heights and PPE
  • Lanyard and harness safety
  • Arranging and preparing risk assessments
  • Fall prevention
  • Fall arrest systems

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of suitable Health and Safety Legislation
  • Be able to recognise and select the correct PPE in working at heights situations
  • Learn how to attach and adjust a lanyard safely
  • Be able to examine a MEWP harness and its equipment
  • Know how to exhibit their safety awareness skills
  • Understand how to inspect the workplace and the equipment needed before using a harness
  • Be able to weigh up the requirements for preparing and coordinating the workplace
  • Be capable of organising and planning for emergency procedures


The tutor will assess you through a short multiple-choice assessment paper at the end of the course.

How long is a Safety Harness course?

The course is delivered over three hours of interactive classroom training.

You will gain your qualification quickly and efficiently and learn all you need to know in the short duration of the course.

Why should I attend this course?

This safety harness training course is for anyone who regularly works whilst wearing a harness or lanyard for support and those in need of fall arrest in their occupation.

Safety harness training is critical if you work at height. Falls from height are among the biggest causes of deaths and life-changing injuries in the workplace; this highlights the importance of understanding your safety harness and related PPE.

Not only can a fall from height lead to personal harm, but it can also lead to legal repercussion and investigation into your compliance with legislation. Therefore, to protect yourself and your company, you need to make sure you follow all the right procedures and work in line with the regulations.

Safety Harness Course entry requirements

There are no formal prerequisites for this course.

We ask that you understand English to understand the course’s critical safety information fully.

If you would like to bring the harness that you work to the course, you are welcome to do so.

Is this course accredited?

This course is accredited by 3B Training.

Here at 3B Training, we work hard to ensure that the information on our training courses are up date and relevant as possible.

You also have the choice of getting your accreditation from IPAF.

Feel free to contact us by using our enquiry form to discuss which of the two accreditations would be most suitable for your business and employees.

Where can I complete this course?

This course is available in house, for delivery at your location, saving you time and money on sending your teams out for training.

In-house Courses

We can also arrange the course in-house for a group of your employees. If you have a large team that need to be made aware of harness safety, this format is the perfect option. We can tailor the content to your organisation and host at a venue that suits you, whether on your site or at 3B centre. To enquire, fill in our in-house enquiry form on this page.

Further development

On completion of the training, we will issue you with a certificate. You will receive your certificate around 6-8 weeks after completion and will have to renew it after three years. To restore the qualification, you must complete the course again.

We offer several complimentary courses to the Safety Harness training; for example, Working at HeightsLadder Safety, and the Scaffold Training courses are often relevant to similar occupations.

Is this course CITB Grant claimable?

Yes, companies who are CITB registered can claim for each delegate who successfully pass this course.

You can find the list of short courses and the grant amounts you can claim here: CITB Grant Value for Short Courses


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