Spill Response Training

Spill ResponseThe Spill Response Training or Spill Kit Training course is designed to heighten the delegate’s awareness of the risks involved with handling, storing and dispensing liquids and the dangers they can cause to the environment.

How long is the Spill Response course?

Who should attend the Spill Response course?
Any workplace in which the staff need training in spill prevention and awareness.

Is the course accredited?
3B Training accredited

When does my certificate expire?
Three years

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

Course Objectives

By the end of the training course, the delegate will:

  • Have greater knowledge of the implications of spilling liquids into waterways, therefore, contaminating the environment.
  • Understand the risks, fines and punishments caused by bad practice with spill control and environmental protection and the effects they have on your company’s reputation.
  • Emergency Spill Procedure.
  • Know how to use the relevant spill control resources.
  • Have a greater awareness of the dispensers, containers and sorbents available.
  • How to work in compliance with the relevant legislation.

What does the Spill Response course cover?

The course covers the following topics:

  • The actions you need to take to deal with spills
  • Increasing awareness of potential liquid spills
  • Preventing spills
  • The 3 types of sorbents
  • Effective and safe use of spill control materials
  • Awareness of current pollutions regulations.
  • Safe disposal or sorbents and awareness of how the sorbents take on the properties of the liquid cleaned up.
  • Individual responsibility and best practice.
  • The simulation of an emergency spill

What is Required to Pass the Spill Response Training Course?

The tutor will assess the delegate’s contribution throughout the course.

Further Development

Potential cross-overs to this course include COSHH, Legionella Awareness and Sharps Awareness.


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