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UKATA Asbestos AwarenessThe UKATA Asbestos Awareness training course will give delegates a greater understanding of the dangers of asbestos and how it affects the industry.

Course Length:
3 hours

Who is it for:
The course is obligatory for those who work in building maintenance e.g. plumbers, electricians. Anyone involved in construction – by law, anyone employed to work on any type of construction or refurbishment project must have been provided with Asbestos Awareness training.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, delegates should be able to understand:

  • the materials that contain asbestos
  • where to find asbestos
  •  the health risks, hazards and procedures in the event of working in proximity to asbestos.
  • how to refrain from disturbing asbestos
  • how to conduct the emergency procedures required if you come into unforeseen contact with asbestos

Course Content

  • An overview of the properties in which asbestos would be present.
  • The different types of asbestos.
  • The risks of asbestos exposure and its effect on your health.
  • How, why, where and when asbestos was used.
  • The regulations surrounding asbestos. The tutor delivers the course in a classroom format. The tutor teaches through solo and group practical activities.

What is required to pass the UKATA Asbestos Awareness Course?

Delegates will need to successfully take a multiple-choice test to pass this course.

Entry Requirements

There are no requirements for entry on this course.

Further Development

Find out more about what asbestos is, why it is dangerous, and why this course is important in our “What is Asbestos?” blog.

This course is part of our short course package. The short course days include three, three-hour short courses. You can attend whichever course you would like, and as many as you want during the day.

You can find more of our short courses by visiting here.

Course Locations

Liverpool, Manchester, Wigan, also available in-house – get in touch for more information.

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The Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

If you currently work in an area where you are at risk of asbestos exposure; it is important to know the dangers it possesses and how to avoid it. Take a look at our informative blog here.

This UKATA course that we are offering for sale, is sold under license from Premier Asbestos Training Limited who is the UKATA approved Professional Member UK1276A.
3B Training is not a UKATA Professional Member for this classification of training, UKATA Asbestos Awareness.

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